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High-power LED2 second optics is designed
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The energy-saving new light source that serves as 21 centuries, semiconductor lighting engineering develops quickly, its are showing, the respect application such as landscape illume is very wide. If semiconductor LED wants to regard illume as illuminant, at present the versatility illuminant photograph such as the luminous flux of LED lighting light source and fluorescent lamp is compared, still have certain difference. Accordingly, LED should develop in illume domain, the key is to want to improve its glow efficiency, luminous flux the grade to existing lighting light source. Want to achieve this goal, want to improve the quality of LED itself above all, want to develop parts of an apparatus of high power LED, want to undertake optimizing designing to LED illume appliance additionally, raise the service mass of LED. Because this studies 2 times optical luminous intensity distribution designs high-power LED illuminant, contented large area drops light and demand of floodlighting luminous intensity distribution particularly pressing. Through 2 optics designs a technology, the reflection cup with adscititious design and multiple and optical lens and blame are spherical surface giving light, the extraction that can raise parts of an apparatus is smooth efficiency.

Be not academic like optics traceable 20 centuries 60 time metaphase, 1966, put forward first in the document that Hinterberger and Winston raise solar energy to collect efficiency in a when publish " be not like optics " (one word of Non.imagingOptics) . Be not main like optics application purpose is the control that transfers to light energy. Become however resemble be not being eliminated to be in be not like the design besides. The design problem that is not main like two when optical need solves radiate to deliver is to make deliver energy the biggest the intensity of illumination that change and obtains need distributings. Domain of these two designs normally by call collect light and illume simply.

The dimension of illuminant of face of odd chip LED is 1mm × 1mm commonly, to achieve particular luminous flux demand, use much chip array normally, use as face illuminant, the permutation that increases LED also increased glow valid area, also can increase the optical and patulous amount of illuminant at the same time, and the optical and patulous quantity that the optics of illuminant expands the quantity cannot exceed a system. Because this is when choice LED illuminant, the measure that should consider LED, arrange, the problem such as angle of power, glow, in order to achieve higher light energy utilization rate.

Smooth element of commonly used market of LED face illuminant includes CPC (add up to paraboloid concentrator) , TLP and TIR lens, its introduce respectively below the consideration when respective characteristic and design.


Smooth club is the light of a kind of divide evenly that often uses in lighting system optical component, the structure is simple, cost is low, can make it is cylindrical, quadrate with taper.
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