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Of LED indication screen form basically reach control system characteristic
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Of 1)LED indication screen form basically

Indication screen system is formed by 3 much, namely: System of signal source, control and body of indication screen screen.

Signal source is all can receive signal


Videocorder: Broadcast video tape signal


Camera: Receive camera signal, implementation is live.


PC: Real time shows to content is broadcasted on the computer

Control system signal is received, commutation, processing, transmit, into like control

Carry all sorts of card (if video collects card or multimedia card) , imitate signal changeover is digital signal, the characteristic that shows in the light of LED undertakes commutation and reconditioning to signal, what realize image through scanning circuit is true and reductive.

Body of indication screen screen shows signal source content

Indication character text, graphical picture news or information of indication image video. Solid it is spot direct seeding, TV of satellite of hookup broadcasting television; Broadcast video machine, the video program such as disc player; Go up in TV appearance through title generator implementation overlay character information, panoramic, the fact such as close-up is edit and broadcast a function. Show all sorts of figures, design, animation; Show a variety of characters, character but stepless is put shrink.


3)LED full prize shows screen control and indication technology characteristic

1, use international the most advanced 65536 (16bit) class gray scale controls a technology, solve the mosaic phenomenon when full prize shows screen shows in low gray scale thoroughly, the image of distinguish transfers natural, colour is exquisite, bright-coloured, what realize video source completely is true and reductive.

2, indication contrast achieves 6400: 1, the image of distinguish is distinct, overcame full prize to show screen suffers the effect that outside brightness change brings.
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