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LED carries illuminant craft brief introduction on the back
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The service life of LED back illuminant compares canal of cold light cathode to grow (more than 5, 000 hours of) , and use volts d.c. , apply at diminutive monochromatic monitor normally, for instance equipment of frequency of sound of 歷 of 錶 of appearance of phone, remote controller, microwave oven, air conditioning, instrument, body. But, its brightness also can't be monitor of large transmission type to provide rear light source at present.

LED back illuminant and CCFL back light source are main on the structure it is consistent, among them main distinction depends on LED is point light source, and CCFL is line illuminant. From the point of long-term trend, LED is in a poor light the technology is replaced as a kind model technical product presence is met for certain slowly gain ground to come.

Preliminary 瞭 will solve LED to carry the manufacturing technology of illuminant on the back below:

A, clean: Use ultrasonic to clean PCB or LED lead to wear, carbonado male.

B, outfit wears: In LED chip (big wafer) dilate undertakes after glue of the silver on bottom electrode equipment, the chip dilate hind (big wafer) find a place for go up in the 臺 that prick brilliant, below microscope pen of the brilliant that use thorn will be in charge of core to be installed one by one in the solder with PCB or LED corresponding bracket dish on, make along with junior travel agglomeration silver-colored glue solidify.

C, press solder: The silk that use aluminium or gold-rimmed welder join electrode LED is in charge of core to go up, in order to make the catalyst of voltaic infuse. LED installs what go up in PCB directly, use aluminous silk welder commonly. (welder of line of gold of need of TOP-LED of the Bai Guang that make)

D, enclose: Through nodding glue, the oxygen that use annulus is in charge of LED core and solder line protection to rise. It is on PCB board dot glue, have firm demand to appearance of the colloid after solidify, this closes 係 to what carry illuminant finished product on the back to give brightness directly. This working procedure still will assume bit of phosphor powder (Bai Guang LED) the task.

E, solder: If be in a poor light the source is,use SMD-LED or other the LED that already enclosed, before assembling craft, need receives LED solder PCB board to go up.

F, cut film: All sorts of diffusion barrier that with punching machine model place of the illuminant that cut a back wants, glance film.

G, assemble: According to blueprint requirement, install all sorts of material that bear illuminant proper place by hand.

H, test: Parameter of photoelectricity of examination back illuminant and uniformity giving light is good.

I, pack: Package finished product by the requirement, put in storage.

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