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LED screen is common breakdown settles way
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One, do not load to go up or communication is the reason that does not go up assorted 麼?

Communication do not go up roughly as identical as the reason that does not load to go up, because the following kinds of reasons are caused,the likelihood is, list each to undertake contrasting with the operation according to place please:

1, ensure control system strong put oneself in another's position is correct already electrify. (5V)
2, check and affirm those who be used at join controller to string together buccal line to be direct line, line of across of and rather than.
3, check and affirm this jumper that string together a mouth is in good condition nondestructive and two end did not become loose or fall off phenomenon.
4, contrast the control card that software of LED screen control and oneself choose comes to what offer inside software choose correct product model, correct transmission to string of means, true slogan, correct serial transmits rate and contrast graph of the switch that dial a code sets control correctly.
5, examine jump to whether line cap becomes loose or fall off; If jump,line cap did not shake a phenomenon, ensure please jump the way of line cap is right.
6, if pass above,still appear after the examination is corrective do not load to go up, measure with avometer please, whether of strong put oneself in another's position of place connective computer or control system string together a mouth to be damaged, whether to answer in order to affirm remand computer manufacturer or control system remand of strong put oneself in another's position detects.

2, the reason that the bright line that 鐘 of a few seconds appears when LED screen firm electrify or screen appearance become beautiful?

Allocate screen controller and computer and HUB board with screen after join is appropriate, need offers 5V power source to work in order to make its normal to controller (right now, do not join with 220V voltage photograph directly) . Electrify instant, the bright line that 鐘 of a few seconds can appear on screen or " Hua Bing " , this are bright line or " Hua Bing " the phenomenon that all is normal test, remind an user screen is about to begin normal work. Inside 2 seconds 鐘 , this phenomenon is eliminated automatically, screen enters regular job state.

3, automatic or is the hand moves brightness adjustment assorted 麼 meaning?

Brightness adjustment is to point to what can show in screen the darkest with the brightest between makes adjustment, sensitization of and rather than adjusts. Automatic brightness adjusts is the time with different basis paragraph the different brightness that place should appear and by attainments broadness LED screen controls systematic self-correcting to book brightness to some. The hand moves brightness adjustment is the operation that shows terminal user passes through pair of LED screen to control a system, let LED screen achieve some to appoint brightness.
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