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LED glow word uses middling to see the means of settlement of the problem
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LED glow word (title generator) it is the glow style that uses glow diode to be made for illuminant. LED glow word the exterior form with character or label, installation carries ministry or metope on the head in Lou Yu, use Led to regard glow as illuminant, choose chip of Gao Liang LED, use control system, undertake to character or label dynamic video controls unique design to make traditional outdoors advertisement had brand-new possibility, its colorific abounds a gender to transcend the limitation of traditional neon lamp greatly, again the character that together with omits report relatively, and Led life train in excess specified length, considerably and the cost expenditure that reduced maintenance.

Nevertheless, a few problems often can appear in applying actually, let poll ache, sum up as follows now, offer reference only:

Service life of A, LED is brief: The academic service life of the LED that regular firm produces is 80000 hours left and right sides commonly. And a lot of glow words are trashy now begin one year to change often quite LED model group, to client and advertisement the business that make brought a lot of troubles and pecuniary loss.

Means of settlement:

The eligible LED that buys normal manufacturer production is odd a lamp bead (the character parameter that needs to manufacturer is offerred explains) , oneself make modular group. LED sheet do not be bought in petty gain of electronic market covet lamp bead or the modular group that already had made. If need to buy modular group, should see clear pattern a few resistor were installed on the group, the modular team that installs a resistor had better not be used. What what resistor removes in modular group is current limliting action, give out heat very easily. Use for long continuously, once resistor is burned-out, this model group did not shine. LED lamp is general won't bad. Do not want to throw away modular group, need to change only the resistor that one 隻 same block is worth can be used normally. Can save expenditure to make an unit so. To reduce troublesome, economic expenditure, had better choose installation to have the modular group of two resistor. Additional, to making the production of the supplier of modular group establishment wants somewhat 瞭 solution, saw its whether be used when group of the model that make antistatic establishment. If did not add antistatic establishment, in use although resistor was not burned out, LED lamp is damaged very easily also by puncture.

Color of B, 顏 gets damply very fast: The 顏 color that the glow word that just had installed gives out is sterling and bright, can not use 顏 color is apparently bleak came down. It is font becomes red, green special malformation.

Means of settlement:

The use electric current of LED lamp safety is 20 milliampere commonly, exceed this numerical value, although brightness can increase a few, but the attenuation of 顏 color can be accelerated apparently. So, the output electric current that must check it when buying the LED model team that already had assembled is worth. Under 20 milliampere brightness insufficient, more than 22 milliampere affect LED life, make 顏 color is accelerated damply.
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