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The characteristic of LED aluminous substrate, structure and action
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Of LED medicinal powder hot issue is LED manufacturer most headachy problem, can use aluminous substrate nevertheless, because number of aluminous heat conduction 係 is high, medicinal powder heat is good, OK and virtual will in-house quantity of heat derives. Aluminous substrate is a kind of distinctive metal base Fu copperplate, have good thermal conductivity, electric insulation property and machining property. 儘 quantity also wants to approach PCB aluminous base when the design, reduce fill to seal the thermal resistance that glue part produces thereby.

One, the characteristic of aluminous substrate

1. uses the surface to stick outfit technology (SMT) ;
2. is right in circuit design program thermal diffusion undertakes very effective processing;
3. reduces a product to run temperature, raise product power density and dependability, prolong product service life;
Volume of 4. contractible product, reduce strong put oneself in another's position to reach assemble cost;
5. replaces substrate of brittle pottery and porcelain, gain better mechanical and fast strength.

2, the structure of aluminous substrate

Copperplate of aluminium radical Fu is board of circuit of a kind of metal makings, by Copper Foil, heat conduction insulation layer reachs metallic substrate to comprise, its structure divides a layer:
Cireuitl.Layer circuitry layer: Be equivalent to the Fu copperplate of common PCB, loz of ply of circuit Copper Foil comes 10oz.
DiELcctricLayer insulation layer: Insulation layer is insulating material of heat conduction of a low thermal resistance.
BaseLayer basic level: It is metallic substrate, it is what aluminium may choose copper commonly. Copperplate of aluminium radical Fu and pressing plate of traditional layer of cloth of annulus oxygen glass.

Circuit layer (namely Copper Foil) form printed circuit through etching normally, make each components of component join each other, usually, circuit layer asks to have very big carry shed ability, should use thicker Copper Foil thereby, ply is general M of μ of 35 μ M~280; Layer of heat conduction insulation is the place of technology of aluminous substrate core, it is by special type pottery and porcelain the special polymer of fill is formed commonly, thermal resistance is little, viscoelasticity can be admirable, have the capacity of heatproof ageing, can bear machinery and thermal stress.

The layer of heat conduction insulation of high-powered aluminous substrate used this kind of technology just about, make its have the electric insulation property of very good heat conduction performance and high strenth; Metallic basic level is the component propping up of aluminous substrate, the requirement has tall thermal conductivity, it is aluminium board commonly, also can use copperplate (among them copperplate can offer better thermal conductivity) , agree with bore, strong cut reach the groovy machining such as cut. PCB data phase compares the advantage that having other data to cannot be likened to. Suit power cell surface to stick outfit SMT fair art. Need not radiator, bulk is greatly contractible, medicinal powder hot effect is wonderful, good insulation property and mechanical function.
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