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Is Led sticks a gum how of solidify?
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After sticking a glue besmear cloth, stick assemble yuan of parts of an apparatus or appliance, can send solidify the solidify in furnace, solidify is to stick a gum, a crucial working procedure in craft of wave crest solder, because stick a glue solidify,a lot of circumstances fall undesirable or not complete solidify (especially the component on PCB be good at distributing not all see more most below the circumstance) , undertaking carriage, solder in the process, can appear yuan of parts of an apparatus fall off.

Because this should do good solidify seriously,work. Adoption gum is planted different, its solidify method is different also, commonly used solidify of two kinds of methods, one kind is hot solidify, another kind is smooth solidify, show ordinal as follows discussion:

1. Heat up solidify

Annulus oxygen stick a glue to use hot solidify, inchoate hot solidify is to be put in oven to undertake, now, put in more infra-red the solidify in shedding heat again, in order to come true continuous production. Should adjust above all before formal production furnace temperature, make the curve of furnace temperature solidify of corresponding product, doing what notice more when solidify curve is: Of different manufacturer, different lot number stick a glue solidify curve won't identical; Although akin stick a gum, use on different product, because of board area size, component how many differ, the temperature of place set also can differ, this often can be ignored. Classics regular meeting appears such circumstance: Soldering when IC parts of an apparatus, after solidify, all bringing the foot still falls in solder dish on, but through the IC after wave crest solder occurrence shift of the meeting that cite a base leaves solder even dish produce weld defects. Accordingly, should assure to solder quality, should hold to every product to all want to do temperature curve, and should have done seriously.

(1) two of solidify of annulus oxygen glue important parameter

Epoxy resin sticks the hot solidify of a glue, it is solidify agent character actually in gene of oxygen of annulus of the catalysis when high temperature.

Open loop produces chemical reaction. Solidify process is accordingly medium, it is important to have two go up parameter should bring to sb's attention: It is initiative rate-of-rise of air temperature; 2 it is peak value temperature. Rate-of-rise of air temperature decides the exterior quality after solidify, and what peak value temperature decides solidify hind is sticky receive strength. This two on parameter should by stick a glue supplier to offer, this offers solidify curve only than the supplier more significant, it can make you stick a glue function to understand somewhat to what what use. Graph 26 it is the solidify curve that uses different temperature solidify to stick a gum one kind.

From the graph 26 in it is more important to the influence of cohere intensity to can see cohere temperature compare time to the influence of cohere intensity, be in given below solidify temperature, as the addition of solidify time, shearing force little scope increases, but when solidify temperature is elevatory, the shear strength in identical solidify time increases apparently however, but too fast rate-of-rise of air temperature can appear sometimes pinhole is amiable bubble. Because of this aborning, should use the PCB that does not put component above all the solidify in infra-red heat is being put after light board nods glue, with magnifier careful observation sticks a glue surface to whether have bleb and pinhole after refrigeration, when be like discovery to have pinhole, answer to analyse a reason seriously, find out eliminate a method. When doing curve of furnace temperature solidify, should combine these two elements to adjust repeatedly, get a satisfactory temperature curve in order to assure.
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