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LED of 360 degrees of full prize and common LED trade off study
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The major breakthrough of ① electron monitor

By joins advocate control the computer, there are 3 large annular indication screens on the exterior of cylinder but any point of view that no matter stand in monitor,synchronism broadcasts a picture are watched, dou Kexin admires 3 identical reach lifelike picture, be like the video tape, animation, expression that reachs simple character. Light is far monitor of field of annulus of LED of 360 degrees of full prize, enlarged a product not only can inspect limits, the compatibility conformity other of its height inspects dispatch facility, the solid person that it is the outstanding of multimedia product.

The whirl of ② patent type gives off light 2 extremely body

The freeboard brightness that equipment of smooth far video has thousands of groups gives off light diode, the drive technology with proper by, each groups rotate to pledge to the picture that produces clarity around the LED on cylinder, this " rotate type gives off light 2 extremely body " indication screen technology already obtained the United States, Japan, chinese mainland, reach the world patent of Taiwan.

③ high resolution, tall economic benefits:

Need to use traditional LED to show screen glow diode only tens of 1/0, smooth far monitor can present superexcellent exquisite painting to pledge however, resolution is 480 prep above of 864 × traditional television, can force continuously even HDTV. Patent technology uses cost of quantity, economic production except what can reduce LED effectively, also reduce the maintenance when using cost.

④ freeboard resembles element:

Use unlike traditional LED monitor out of the ordinary red, blue, green trichromatic the module that glow diode comprises, guang Yuanli uses patent technology, in rotating red, blue, green trichromatic glow diode illumes on same point and mix scene, those who present a truly complete color is video, return true and video with rich visual effect.

⑤ exceeds fine point to be apart from:

Of smooth far monitor exceed fine point to be apart from have 2.5x2.5mm only, although be viewed and admire in close quarters, clear, clear picture is qualitative impeccable. Optimal the diameter limits that views and admire a distance to be 1~30 meter, can view and admire for thousands of person.

⑥ colour consistency:

The rigor of by patent technology is controlled, all glow diode in rotate, can ensure the consistency in colour of whole screen chromatically.

⑦ number is grey rank technology:

IC of drive of special PWM of LED of research and development, the ash that reachs digitlization rank expression, imitate of effect outclass tradition transmits means, can achieve superior picture to pledge.

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