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LED groovy sex ageing tests is comparative
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Generally speaking, especially high-power LED is in initiative illume level luminosity can have certain attenuation, LED encloses a factory to carry the product with manufacturer stable glow to carry supply application, perhaps use the LED data that the businessman that carry a plant stabilizes to obtain, can do a few ageing tests normally. Of course LED ageing tests has a variety of kind, ageing of sex of as usual compasses, cross electric current to pound ruinous experiment to wait a moment.

LED manufacturer can use the following kinds of means to undertake groovy sex ageing normally:

1, ageing of many canal series connection: Circuit of constant voltage ageing and circuit of constant current ageing
2, many are in charge of shunt-wound ageing
3, ageing of many canal series-parallel connection: String together and constant voltage ageing and string together and constant current ageing
4, odd Guan Heng sheds ageing

Compare above means of 4 kinds of ageing, 1, there should be trouble of occurrence character of a LED only in 3 kinds of means, for instance LED short circuit perhaps opens circuit to be able to affect the parameter of working electric current of other LED. Excel of the 2nd kind of means 1, 3 kinds, either LED character change won't affect parameter of other LED ageing, but the way that leans resistor current limliting in fact is fluky, change meets drift of value of resistor itself block and character of LED oneself voltage to affect LED parameter badly. Apparent, ageing of constant current of the 4th kind of single pipe held character of job of LED electric current, it is the most scientific LED ageing way.

Ageing should is a very important process in experiment process, but often can be ignored in a lot of enterprises, cannot undertake correct and effective ageing, the includes all parameter such as brightness, wavelengh analysis that undertakes to LED itself place from the back decides inaccuracy. Crossing electric current to pound sexual ageing also is the method of a kind of ageing that manufacturer often uses, use frequency normally electric current is adjustable, adjustable and occupy the constant current source with sky adjustable comparing to undertake this kind of ageing, in order to expect the character of LED of the judgement inside short time and life expectancy.

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