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Shallow talk about LED lamp to act the role of a product to be comprised basical
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LED industry gets the development of advance rapidly in the whole world of late, decorate lamps and lanterns especially, it is like a raging fire more, use at the Cheng of municipal light chemical industry such as 樑 of building body outline, bridge, square widely, and the public place of entertainment such as each hotel, KTV, hotel, pleasure ground. LED lamp acts the role of a product main component is: LED gives off light 2 extremely circuit of body, PCB board, crust. These 3 kinds of material formed the lamp to act the role of the main body of the product, decided the lamp impersonates the material character of the product basically also.

Be opposite to the type selecting of 3 kinds of material below the influence of product of lamp act the role ofing does one simple specification.

1, LED gives off light 2 extremely body
Give off light 2 extremely the brightness of body encloses appearance decision by brightness of LED chip naked core and light system, its life is decided by environment of LED chip work and character. What special specification wants here is, LED lamp acts the role of the measure of LED chip standard that product place uses to be commonly now: 12mil of gules, yellow, 14mil of blue, green, but of chip of useful also 8-10mil. The chip glow brightness of different measurement is OK and same, dan Jishou life is completely different, because of unit area chip cross n bigger its life is briefer, this also is same brightness glow 2 extremely the account with system different price.

2, PCB circuit board
Circuit board regards the carrier of illuminant as the life of the lamps and lanterns of immediate impact and fault rate. All electron circuitry that LED lamp acts the role of a product is in PCB circuit board on, its material pledges and treatment craft will affect the character of the product and life directly. Circuit board pledges cent is complete Bo fine, half Bo fine, chipboard 3 kinds. LED lamp acts the role of the standard material of the product to should be double face plate of complete Bo fine, if use half Bo fine or chipboard odd face plate,its later period solders character and moistureproof, fight ageing ability and electric sex to will sell at a discount greatly.

3, crust
Crust regards lamps and lanterns as the layer mixing light of the product and covering layer, also affect the effect of product of lamps and lanterns and life. The material of project new moon that uses now is PC commonly (get together carbonic acid fat) , its fight ageing, prevent ultraviolet ray, defying concussion result is best. Useful also PMMA (Yakeli) , its are able to bear or endure await a gender a bit all but, and brittleness is bigger brittle. PC material itself is achromatic, give the PC canal of different 顏 color according to needing to add different lubricious agent to be able to be machined. Canal of general and commonly used PC is transparent with milky white two kinds. Transparent canal brightness is more ivory tall, but excel of the ivory sex that mix scene is transparent canal.
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