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The test method of LED
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Semiconductor glow diode (LED) it is new-style illuminant, efficiency small, life grows tall, bulk, voltage is low, energy-saving, environmental protection, it is the illume parts of an apparatus of next generation ideal. LED photoelectricity test is to examine the important step of LED photoelectricity function, corresponding test is evaluation and the basis that mirror industry of LED of current our country to develop a standard as a result. Article union tests newest state level of the method about LED, introduced a few when LED photoelectricity function checks main fields.

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1, introductive

Semiconductor glow diode (LED) had been shown at indicator light, signal lamp, appearance by wide application, the circumstance such as illuminant of mobile phone back, Che Zaiguang source, technology of Bai Guang LED also develops ceaselessly, the LED application in illume domain is wider and wider. In the past, do not have more overall state level and occupation standard to the test of LED, can be a basis with opposite parameter only in producing practice, different manufacturer, user, research organization is very large to this controversy, the development that causes domestic LED industry gets very big impact. Union tests newest level of the method domestic and internationally about LED, be based on LED to apply the effective demand of the domain individually, the author undertook introductory from the respect such as electric character, smooth character, switch character, color character, heat character, dependability.

2, electric character checks a method

LED is an odd polarity that by semiconductor inorganic material forms PN knot diode, the relation between its voltage and electric current calls volt-ampere character. Parameter of LED report character includes to electric current, mixing to voltage, retrorse electric current retrorse voltage, LED must issue ability to work normally in appropriate voltaic voltage drive (if pursue,1 is shown) . What can obtain LED through the test of LED report character is the biggest allow to voltage, reaching retrorse voltage, electric current to electric current, also can determine in addition the optimal job electric power of LED.

Curve of character of graph 1LED volt-ampere

The test of LED report character is commonly below power supply of corresponding source of constant current constant voltage, use voltage ammeter to have a test.

3, smooth character checks

Be similar to other illuminant, the test with LED characteristic light basically includes efficiency of flux of efficiency of luminous flux, glow, radiate, radiate, light intensity, light intensity to distributing character and spectral parameter.

3.1 luminous flux and smooth effect

The test of luminous flux has two kinds of methods, namely integrating sphere law and goniophotometer law. Goniophotometer law is the method with test the most accurate luminous flux, but because its are time-consuming longer, use integrating sphere law to check luminous flux commonly so. There is structure of two kinds of tests in showing some integrating sphere laws to measure LED luminous flux, one kind is place the LED that be measured in ball heart, additionally one kind is put its in ball wall.
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