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The technology with the new-style desk lamp of LED illuminant, energy-saving env
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Desk lamp is indoor illuminative assists lamps and lanterns, desk lamp is used on desk, desk more, useful also go up at ark of the head of a bed. Current, the illuminant of traditional desk lamp basically has incandescent lamp (heat radiation illuminant) be in charge of with fluorescent lamp (gas discharge illuminant) two kinds: Incandescent desk lamp uses 40w ~ 60w commonly, can assure to there is enough intensity of illumination on working surface, and fluorescent desk lamp is multi-purpose opaque and the metallic cover that can glance, exterior spray paint, ray can increase working intensity of illumination, the metal overspreads due and proper shading point of view, make the intensity of illumination on working surface evener already so, the light that can make tube is given out again does not send direct and exciting eye. But the defect that the illuminant of afore-mentioned desk lamp also exists as follows however:

A, incandescent lamp: Defect is calorific quantity efficiency of report of big, bad news, glow inferior, service life is brief.

B, fluorescent lamp is in charge of: Defect is colour rendering poorer (spectrum is spiccato) especially its frequency shows effect, make person eye produces illusion easily, need adopts measure to eliminate frequency to show effect on the design, there is poisonous mercuric vapour inside tube additionally, not environmental protection.

The article offerred a kind to give off light with semiconductor diode (the new-style desk lamp that LED) is illuminant, its illuminant has low-pressure dc drive, shine without frequency, concentration of extremely low power comsumption, light, environmental protection, service life is long, control easily wait for a lot of advantage. Say specificly, the necessity of energy-saving desk lamp basically has development semiconductor environmental protection:

1.1 semiconductor LED is the illuminant of green illume ideal

Provide photograph comparing with traditional gaffer, LED gaffer is provided, especially illume of LED of GaN radical Bai Guang, there all is the advantage that cannot compare in power comsumption and life respect. Traditional incandescent lamp uses hot irradiation technology, wasted the sources of energy of 90% , and the efficiency changeover rate of glow diode is very high however. Because semiconductor illume has the energy-saving, macrobian life, maintenance-free, advantage such as environmental protection, inside course of study think generally, like replacing tube as transistor, semiconductor lamp replaces traditional incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp also is LED of semiconductor of; of hasten of general trends place more and more be agreed with to be illuminant of green illuminative ideal.

1.2 meanings are summarized

Current, the illume product of LED of sortie Bai Guang (the semiconductor environmental protection that discusses like the article is energy-saving desk lamp) the research and development that the enterprise basically is in a product and try the level that produce. The difference of we and foreign enterprise is not big, want to begin to clutch from now only, we can serve as somewhat certainly in semiconductor photoelectron domain, the technical transition of this traditional to our country illume industry and the international competition ability that promote illume the product have pressing and real sense. LED illumination luminaries includes semiconductor environmental protection energy-saving desk lamp, from the point of technical domain, also be in research and development and condition of small lot production. The technical level of LED floodlight, international level and domestic level differ not quite, the development level that can say home and Taiwan basically is in international level slightly, be on labor because of the production of LED floodlight concentrated model product, having the market of the richest form a complete set of lamps and lanterns on the world in area of delta of our country Pearl River, because this has better technical base.
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