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Gao Liang spends analyse of explore of LED principle technology
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Past LED can take the period as condition indicator light only, its are enclosed medicinal powder heat is not a problem, but in recent years the brightness of LED, power promotes all actively, after beginning to be used at be in a poor light to wait for application with electronic illume, of LED enclose medicinal powder hot issue already emerged sadly.

Afore-mentioned tell a law to listen will have some of doubt letting a person, is now the brightness breakthrough that emphasizes LED all the time? The deduction of technology of an experience sex that the lookout manage that basis of LumiledsLighting company Mr RolandHaitz went 2003 gives is mensurable, from 1965 the first commercialized LED begins to calculate, in this 30 old development, LED makes an appointment with;24 of every 18 months the month can promote the brightness of one times, and inside 10 years in in the future, predicting brightness can promote 20 times again, and cost will fall to existing 1/10, this also is the Haitz law that begins be current in recent years, and the Moore of bound of LED be consideringed as (rub Er) mensurable.

According to the inference of Haitz law, brightness amounts to 100lm/W (every tile gives out 100 lumen) LED is in about 2008;2010 year appear, real nevertheless progress already compared law it seems that more lead, in June 2006 day inferior chemical industry (Nichia) had begun to offer the project sample that can amount to LED of 100lm/W Bai Guang, predicting the end of the year can throw a quantity formally to produce.

Haitz law can say the Moore that is LED domain bound is mensurable, according to the expression of RolandHaitz, in the past 30 come for years LED almost every 18;24 the month can promote the glow of one times efficiency, 10 years when also shift appraise tomorrow accordingly (2003;2013 year) will grow again the brightness of 20 times, but the price will have present 1/10 only. (picture origin:

Not only brightness promotes ceaselessly, of LED medicinal powder hot technology also is in all the time promotion, the thermal resistance of a LED was fought 1992 (ThermalResistance) for 360 ℃ / W, fall later to 125 ℃ / W, 75 ℃ / W, 15 ℃ / W, already was to arrive now every 6 ℃ / W∼10 ℃ / the degree of W, say simplier, before every use up LED the electric energy of 1 tile, temperature can increase 360 ℃ , now is identical waste 1 made of baked clay electric energy, temperature rises only however ℃ of 6 ℃ ;10.

Little a number is tall brightness, much and concentrated platoon cloth is the prime criminal that add heat

Since brightness efficiency promotes, medicinal powder thermal efficiency promotion, is that more contradictory? Ought to do not have more medicinal powder is hot issue? Actually, ought to say strictly, medicinal powder the aggravate of hot issue, do not spend in Gao Liang, be in however high power; Do not enclose in the tradition, and in new enclose, on new application.
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