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Gao Liang spends Bai Guang LED to be analysed in the technology of general illum
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Increase to be reduced with the price as brightness, bai Guang LED is in the market potential of general illume domain is greater and greater. Bai Guang LED in general illume industry use, produce the strategy of the sources of energy to country or area and environmental protection strategy positive effect.

Bai Guang LED has volume small, use can undertake plane is enclosed, or the basis uses an environment or the state uses many or have a variety of combination, and have calorific amount low, glow life is long (50 thousand hours of above) , defeat not easily, provide extremely be able to bear or endure shake and impact resistance, can use below more abominable circumstance wait for character. Efficiency of glow of Bai Guang LED is tall, province report, without heat shoot, the heavy metal such as not hydrous silver, free from contamination and litter handle the numerous advantage such as the problem, be regarded as the star of the tomorrow of " of light source of " green lighting, be in before long in the future, will replace the mainstream incandescent lamp that is illume market at present and firebug (day) smooth lamp.

The strategy of the sources of energy that the development of industry of illume of Bai Guang LED reachs the influence a country and area and environmental protection strategy, accordingly, each countries undertake for the country routine of industry of LED semiconductor illume significant progress has supportive in succession, area of our country Taiwan is devoted also gigantic endowment undertake consider and be developinged. Internationally big company if the research and development of the LED of active already devoted Bai Guang such as riverside of GE, Xi Menzi, flying benefit, Xi Menzi, HP works.

The market of Bai Guang LED, be by LED industry most the market of has powerful market potential lighting light source that is valued. According to Frost&Sullivan beforehand appraise shows, market of global lighting light source is average and annual stabilize climb with the growing rate of 5% ; Among them, what Bai Guang LED enters more easily is incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp market, these two products are civil illume most all-pervading illuminant, the market potential of Bai Guang LED can say future is those who comparative is tremendous.

One, principle of glow of Bai Guang LED

The use amount that the means that Bai Guang LED gives off light basically presses diode of use LED glow can be divided for single crystal model with much brilliant two sort model.

The first kind is single crystal model, namely diode of glow of LED of a concolorous adds relevant fluorescent material, with respect to the glow means as fluorescent lamp same, use LED glow diode to arouse fluorescent material to give off light. Use two kinds of means normally, a kind of means is La Guang LED glow diode arouses maize fluorescent material to produce Bai Guang, another kind of means is ultraviolet light LED arouses RGB triple wave to grow phosphor powder to produce Bai Guang.
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