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Overview report is silver-gilt be in the application in BT board
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Kang Meiyu
(Zhuhai is preeminent Zhuhai of limited company of electronic science and technology 519170)

The summary is brief summarized report silver is in plating the application in BT board, and report is silver-gilt and advantageous the introduction of function.
Board report of crux word BT is silver-gilt stick a glow diode

(HD-FlexTechnologyCo. , ltd. 519170) Kangmeiyu
Abstract BrieflyintroduceapplicationofflashsilverplatingOnBTPCB, andintroduce Its Wellcapability.
Keywords BTPCB ImmersionSilver SMDLED

1 preface
Accompany the rapid growth that shows as mobile phone, LCD in last few years, the market is right stick a glow diode (the demand of SMDLED) is bigger and bigger also, as stick a glow diode support plate- - BT board also is moved toward gradually popular. The BT that uses on Chinese market at present board be an entrance for the most part, basically come from the product of Japan, Korea and Taiwan area, master production BT board the Chinese inland company of core technology is little little, prominent firm goes in front of of this domain, through development research of nearly 3 years, do so that compare mature, stability in respect of craft, character, ceaseless development innovates, form oneself core technology, this this domain is occupational fair market share. Be in portion success research and development gave report in September 2007 silver-gilt craft, replace traditional phone greatly aureate craft, got the client is approbated approvingly feedback with good market, this technology is in patent application, share jointly with industry person of the same trade here.
2BT board is summarized
BT board is a general designation that shows with BT substrate machines PCB for material, and article place carries BT board is to show application is sticking a glow diode (the PCB support plate above SMDLED) product, belong to special PCB sort, it is the simplest IC support plate. What differ with common PCB is the PCB substrate with different application, at present substrate of the BT on the market basically is the BT colophony that companies of 3 water chestnut gas develop, basically become with B(Bismaleimide)andT(Triazine) polymerization. The substrate that forms for raw material place with BT colophony has tall Tg(255~330 ℃ ) , hear resistance (160~230 ℃ ) , fight wet sex, low dielectric constant (Dk) and element of low be lost (the advantage such as Df) . Substrate of BT Copper Foil (application is above SMDLED) give priority to with CCL-HL820 series, development is CCL-HL820WDI to newest version model now, main ply norms has 0.1, 0.2, 0.4 reach 0.46mm, the norms of Copper Foil ply that place of substrate of BT Copper Foil enclothes has 1/2oz, 1/3oz, relative to what answer accordingly ply of BT board finished product has 0.18 /-0.03mm, 0.28 /-0.03mm, 0.48 /-0.03mm, 0.54 /-0.03mm. Show some BT board basically is give priority to with double face plate, by guide a kind is different can divide to get orifice plate and gong chamfer board, can divide by finishing to eletroplate plating silver plants gold and report, at present on the market main with eletroplating golden craft is given priority to, as report silver-gilt craft is in the application in BT board, complying with the market to be opposite the demand of LED brightness.
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