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The whole world takes the high-energy effect illume of economic energy resources
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Introductive: The whole world takes the high-energy effect illume of economic energy resources seriously more and more, according to arrange of international the sources of energy (IEA) report points out, 19% what illume of global electric power occupies total hair capacitance about, and the feebleminded effect that recent coverage also reminds consumer incandescent lamp gradually, strengthen everybody to be opposite compact model the understanding of energy-saving lamp. Additional the star of American the sources of energy (ENERGYSTAR®) also plans to be family expenses and commercial illume to establish a standard.

It is nevertheless in these news, however oversight the illume the sources of energy that has 70% about is used up is to be beyond domestic situation, include shop, factory, school, hospital and area illuminative situation; Among them area illume covered the application that waits for communal space like street illume, parking lot and park.

Area illume just does not provide illume function, also must solve public safety, moving environment, exterior at the same time design and reliability of aesthetic, energy-saving, system and maintain cost. The commonnest area illume cause discharges for high pressure (HID) type, mix like high-pressured natrium lamp, golden bittern lamp and low-pressure natrium lamp high-pressured mercuric lamp. Advanced HID lamp, for example the high-energy effect that golden bittern lamp has prep above 80lm/W and the 10 thousand reasonable life that reachs 5000 hours 10 thousand, with be being used every year 4, standard of 000 hours is calculated, life is in about 2 to 4 years.

But because change difficult, defend time or be comparative on labour cost costly, in channel or bridge it is one big question more. Additional, major HID lamp contains mercury, must handle in the discretion after replacing accordingly, avoid to create environmental protection problem.

Gao Liang spends diode of white smooth glow (the technology of LED) progresses ceaselessly, for high-energy effect illume application brings the solution that provides potential extremely. Gao Liang spends the mainest reason with Bai Guang welcome LED is its life train in excess specified length and glow efficiency, the brightness that becomes it is maintained in 70% when, life can amount to 50 thousand hours, outdoors area illume can achieve run time of 12 years, the maintenance that reduces sequel substantially and change cost.

The LED of high power Bai Guang that has commercialized at present, every lamp can achieve the 80 luminosity output to 120 lumen, efficiency is in about 80lm/W, and beforehand appraise is in integral function will be OK 2009 promote one times, arrive at every tube 200 lumen, glow efficiency is expected to achieve 160lm/W. Compare as reference, lamp of HID of 100W gold bittern can arise about 8, 000 lumen are outputted, the luminosity output of HID tube is whole way, because this projects in lamplight the meeting on method has many loss, but LED does not have this problem, because it has directivity, need 110 LED ability that every enclose 80lm to replace the lumen of 100WHID tube output quite about, if the target 2009 is reached, this number will be OK halve.
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