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The applied domain with Chinese LED mature illume and treat development field
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One, use a case at present

1, application is phyletic

The applied domain with domestic relatively at present mature LED is building landscape illume, big screen shows, traffic signal lamp, indicator light, the mobile phone reachs digital camera to wait to carry illuminant on the back with small size, illume of solar energy LED, car illume, special type illume and for military use, building landscape illume among them is the applied field with our country the biggest LED.

2, mature market

(1) builds landscape illume

Because LED illuminant has deft and energy-saving environmental protection, durable, color,accuse easily richly, simply, a series of advantages such as low-pressure safety, wide applied market is had in landscape illume, dimensions of market of domestic landscape illume is in about 20 billion yuan of above. The city such as Xiamen, Chongqing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang and Harbin already built illume of landscape of a batch of LED to set an example project. In Olympic Games and world rich LED demonstrative project is driven, and other places of Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai will continue to build gaffer of landscape of a batch of LED Cheng, these projects enlarge demonstrative effect to will be promoted further other medium or small the city uses LED landscape illume, accelerate illume of landscape of our country LED to be used in the large area of different area and city thereby.

(2) hands in a signal lamp

The market dimensions of traffic signal lamp amounts to 1 billion yuan of above. Current, signal lamp of traffic of city of LED of our country tall brightness applies extensively already also. If Shanghai makes clear a regulation,go up newly traffic signal lamp is uniform use LED to serve as illuminant. Additional, LED also has wide applied perspective on railroad signal machine. Conventional signal machine is illuminant with double filament incandescent lamp, bulb life has 1000 hours only. Future of plan of our country government is average and annual build line of 1700 kilometers railroad, to overall length of line of our country railroad will achieve 100 thousand kilometer 2020, high reliability, security and shine high what safeguard less LED will be able to develop his skill to full. And, hold the head of a bed of signal lamp, passenger car to read the railroad signal such as the lamp, safe mark lamp and illume product to also begin to use LED. The signal of the domain such as the highway that our country is in high speed to develop, airport, harbour, label kind with the lamp, also be LED application very potential market.

(3) displays screen | Indication parts of an apparatus

Dimensions of indication screen market amounts to 5 billion yuan. Our country Led shows screen starts earlier, a batch of manufacturers that have stronger actual strength appeared on the market, had formed the mature industry with a complete form a complete set. At present indication screen of our country LED applies place of station, bank, negotiable securities, hospital, sports, municipal square, concert, station, airport already extensively to wait public. The homebred rate of market of domestic LED indication screen is adjacent 100% . In addition, as the development of intelligent traffic system and maturity, release the serious content that becomes traffic domain to face social community to serve in time of information in the round, of all kinds information shows equipment becomes road of the airport, railway station, dock, public transportation station, freeway, town, parking lot to wait for the dominant measure that releases information. LED displays screen with its the advantage such as tall brightness, high reliability makes main indication product.
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