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LED of liquid crystal TV is in a poor light of efficiency improve a technology
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LED photograph is glow efficiency to the biggest drawback at CCFL low, CCFL is in normally 80~100 lumen / made of baked clay, and the glow efficiency of LED has 60 ~ only 80 lumen / made of baked clay. But because CCFL is cylindrical, the light that it gives out is tropism of not in the proper way. Put when LCD screen lower part when it, although use hemicycle viewfinder, can think to still quite a few is wasted solely partly. And LED uses side ray radiation normally, its light can be used effectively. Accordingly from on the whole, its efficiency still wants than CCFL tall, and the glow efficiency of LED still rises in year after year.

Past is to use white LED to regard as be in a poor light, better to get colour gamut behaves ability, instead uses RGB trichromatic LED to mix white, but make need so more LED. And because need to show color originally, not was necessary completely first the chromatic blending white RGB, reoccupy RGB colour filter filter gives color. The field order RGBLED that rolled out a kind not to have colour filter for this SamSung company is in a poor light technology.

Colour filter of eliminate of use order method

But, the LED that wants to use RGB directly will replace colour filter to look seem very simple, it is impossible actually. Because colour filter is,divide each into 3 kinds of different color like element child resemble element, if use the LED of 3 kinds of color to replace colour filter directly, must use small arrive and child big LED comes to illuminate like dimension resembling element each stature resembling element, just won't make glow reflects green light child go up like element. Such, a number of LED be about millions of. Resemble prime number to maintain changeless, only method is to repeat use these to resemble element, use time answer to use namely make.

Want to launch a glow, green light, La Guang orderly only so, the filmy transistor that at the same time control resembles element every (TFT) , the intensity that makes its resemble element accordingly ought to providing some in the place when this kind of color according to this comes light valve of open liquid crystal. But, should give out red, green, La San orderly to plant color, can form the video picture of a color, with respect to the visual remain function that must use person eye.

The visual remain time that wants cycle of reduplicative of order of these 3 kinds of color to be less than person eye only, with respect to the picture that can form a color in the cerebra of people. Visual remain time is the field frequency cycle of TV actually, in PAL 1/50 second is in making. This also must finish red, green, La San inside the time of 1/50 second with respect to the requirement of image show. Accordingly, this kind of means is called " field is ordinal " system, also have person for " color is ordinal " system. Its working sequential is shown 1 times like the graph.

Graph 1: Field is sequential working sequential.  

Field order lets liquid crystal screen give out the image of 3 kinds of different color orderly namely actually, rely on person head to synthesize chromatic image next. Just the same is in light of the effect that feels from person eye. Although huge difference arose on hardware implementation, but it brought a lot of advantages however.
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