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Index of technology of engineering stress of LED tunnel lighting does an analysi
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Introductive: Channel applied the energy-saving research of new-style illuminant to be paid close attention to by industry, among them the energy-saving research of LED channel lamp has had significant progress. Because wait for scientific research achievement according to photopic vision and intermediate vision theory, colour rendering and relation of intensity of illumination, LED application has congenital advantage at tunnel lighting, there had been project of lighting of multinomial and important tunnel to use LED channel light in home so. LED channel lamps and lanterns has gained revolutionary headway in the application in tunnel lighting project, but still put in the problem, performance of the design that was not aimed at the channel lamps and lanterns that is illuminant with LED technically for example and construction standard, product is uneven wait.

The key technology index that the attention needs in project of lighting of tunnel of LED of article put up with does an analysis, expectation can provide reference to design unit and user.

Smooth effect of optical part LED

LED sheet covers with tiles lumen output is the main index that whether lamp of decision LED channel has economic value, use medium requirement actually of the lamp according to LED channel, the number of odd made of baked clay lumen that place of LED channel lamp uses LED should achieve 90 lumen. In the course 2006, after the high speed of the glow efficiency of LED developed 2007, CREE, Lumileds, and the well-known trademark such as Hong Kong true bright and beautiful rolled out newest LED model in succession.

Distributinging type of distributinging luminous intensity distribution of 2 luminous intensity distribution

At present shape of a distribution of common luminous intensity distribution has get together light luminous intensity distribution, side is shot model luminous intensity distribution, lambert luminous intensity distribution. The form of luminous intensity distribution with different applied applicable and different situation, for example: Road illume appropriate chooses luminous intensity distribution of batty wing section, appropriate ejaculation the light get together light luminous intensity distribution. As a result of channel illuminative characteristic, the density discharging cloth of the lamps and lanterns in tunnel lighting is very high, be opposite in tunnel lighting so the form of 2 luminous intensity distribution of lamps and lanterns is different from general road illume. Luminous intensity distribution of batty in tunnel lighting wing section, lambert luminous intensity distribution can satisfy the requirement of uniformity of intensity of illumination, because the lamp in tunnel lighting is apart from,this basically is smaller, for example the intermediate Duan Deng of project of one tunnel lighting is apart from home to also have 5 meters only.

What 75 channel lamp uses Hong Kong true bright and beautiful is current luminous intensity distribution of commonly used batty wing section is compared in road illume and tunnel lighting, and lamp of channel of domestic some LED is lambert luminous intensity distribution.
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