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See LED industry credit invest an analysis from the Olympic Games
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Sought opening ceremony of the 29th Olympic Games to reveal China with its baronial boldness of vision by Zhang Yi the bright 5000 is civilized, in this air extensive grand in opening ceremony show, LED receives a large number of application. Countless LED make stadium the multimedia vacuum of digital age.

This the opening ceremony uses LED in great quantities, to this industry future development brings tremendous pushing move action. At present the industrial catenary of LED matures already basically, native land manufacturer has been formed can provide extension piece, the industrial catenary with LED chip, drive chip, lamps and lanterns, whole project.

One, our country government gives aid to LED industry grows energetically

Industry of our country LED starts at going up century 70 time, industry of LED of tall brightness of 90 time later period gets developing quickly. Chinese LED industry is preliminary already formed relatively complete industry chain. Chinese LED industry is in experienced buy parts of an apparatus or appliance, buy chip, buy extension piece after the road, had realized own production extension at present piece with chip. Show level, the number that pursues this estate amounts to 50 thousand much person, research organization many 20, enterprise many 4000, among them upriver enterprise more than 50, enclose an enterprise more than 1000, downstream application enterprise more than 3000. Especially Chinese semiconductor gaffer made a group 2003 wear into pharos annals the government is in to LED the development of illume domain expresses great expectations, LED enters general illume market to become as illuminant in the future the core that the industry grows. In " project of national semiconductor illume " drive below, formed Zhang Jiang of garden of Dalian smooth industry, Shanghai couplet of high-tech garden, Nanchang achieves garden of photoelectricity science and technology, Xiamen to open garden of yuan of science and technology, Beijing development of technology of Yi Zhuang economy and Shenzhen light are new and high area 6 properties base. Long triangle, bead trigonometry, Fujian triangle and northern region become what Chinese LED industry grows to collect the ground.

Because the integral technology actual strength of industry of our country LED is not strong, still be in start level, enterprise scale is average slant small. National height takes seriously, be in " long-term science and technology develop program outline in the country " label semiconductor illume product clearly " key domain reachs his first subject " , put forward " the semiconductor illume product that researchs efficient and energy-saving, macrobian life mainly " . The country develops innovation appoint course of study already started 10 big focal points energy-saving project, put forward " 915 " during will come true managing the energy-saving target of coal of 240 million tons of standards, among them green illume is important a respect.

This year the beginning of the year, the Ministry of finance, country develops innovation appoint released jointly " fund of allowance of finance of promotion of efficient illume product runs temporary measure " (money is built [2007]1027 date) . This is our country government increases strength to extend efficient illume product, accelerate the another significant move that achieves the energy-saving goal that decrease a platoon. Because our country is at present energy-saving,the share that lamp market holds whole illume market still is not very big, because this still has very large development space, organic compose forecasts future 5 years inside of industry of domestic energy-saving illume year all compound increase rate will be achieved 27% the left and right sides, and be in of national policy give aid to below, development may be rapidder.
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