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LED encloses technical comprehensive strength to remain to rise
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Domestic LED enterprise wants to acquire position in competition, must strengthen the cooperation with international manufacturer, mix in chip enclose wait for link to be done hard more.

Be opposite as the country energy-saving take seriously what decrease a platoon further reach fulfil, the LED estate development of our country is very rapid, behave the manufacturing big country that be us is LED not simply, more performance has grown to use big country for a LED gradually for us.

LED application is wide

The success of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games holds provided a very good stage for LED: Parts of an apparatus of LED of 496000 red green blue high-power illumes successfully casting of success of LED of high-power of red Huang Bai of; of water cubic metre with respect to bird's nest " China is red " . Additional, outside removing high-power product, traditional elliptical lamp, SMD sticks piece model LED applies successfully also at the Olympic Games different place: Pan Gu square 7 giant video full prize displays screen, the LED adornment lamp on the LED screen of the floor, performer body, sky is medium in the center of assembly room of opening ceremony of bird's nest Olympic Games 5 annulus use the Olympic Games that rises LED illuminant, the hookup on bleachers of bird's nest assembly room and the LED screen that provide spot audience to watch, opening reciprocal times the light source of feeling type LED that uses in 2008 used a clay musical instrument is waited a moment.

In fact besides the Olympic Games, LED is used in our country already special and extensive, basically can behave in following respects:

1. landscape illume

At present Shanghai, Xiamen, Beijing, Dalian, Nanchang a few large and medium-sized landscape illume of the city has implemented scale quite, complete demonstrative project of corresponding LED illume. These is in big in of urban demonstrative project finish smoothly drove LED illume product to develop further in prefectural class city. It is with Chongqing exemple, set an example at building LED of nightly landscape illume basically already this year in July project, advocate city in the center of each area the lamp acts the role of business affairs area and mark sex architectural, use the LED lighting system that intelligence changes basically already. Among them, LED power consumption is only and average the 1/10 of the lamp, if press computation of floodlight of 200 thousand traditional night scene of Chongqing city, the lamp of Chongqing acts the role of annual and managing charge of electricity to will exceed 100 million yuan, use generally of LED so it is hasten of general trends place.

2. displays screen

The application of indication screen is more general, show in advertisement medium, information at present, the figure that the city can see LED screen everywhere in Cheng of light chemical industry, help a few city such as Siweijiasi besides the United States at present besides, chinese LED shows screen application is most wide.
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