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Freeboard brightness and industry of white smooth LED are analytic
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Freeboard shines to be in with catenary of industry of Bai Guang Led start level

Freeboard brightness reachs industry of Bai Guang LED, develop in last few years very rapid, no matter be on the technology or product industrialization respect, already all had very big breakthrough. The Bai Guang LED that already made glow efficiency amount to 120lm/w now according to the report, market of freeboard brightness LED was 1.2 billion dollar 2001, the market was 1.6 billion dollar about 2002, world main developed country and relevant big company already all threw a large number of capital and manpower, strive to be in in last few years inside industrialization of illume of implementation semiconductor Baiguang. Domestic LED industry also is in high speed to develop level, as policy of our country reforming and opening carry out further, come China the company that invests LED is more and more, this will develop to industry of our country LED rise to urge action actively, we should exploit these advantage well. Through development of a few years, china becomes one of base of world LED industry likely.

The development of domestic LED industry from 20 centuries 70 time begin, inchoate fasten by physics of university of place of physics of Changchun of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xiamen, a few colleges of company of group of Chinese electron science and technology such as university of the 13rd place, Zhejiang, institute begins research work, key of former at that time Ministry of Electronic Industry props up 746 factories (Nanchang) , Suzhou semiconductor factory and Changchun semiconductor the enterprise of a few keys such as the factory. These units basically are given priority to with material of Gap, GaAlAs, begin extension of photograph of gas phase, fluid to grow, chip makes oxygen of annulus of the working procedure after mixing enclose, they made LED of the red, orange that gives priority to with Gap, yellow, green, develop GaAlAs Gao Liang to spend LED of red, orange. The research and development of all sorts of monitor is begun on application, can satisfy domestic instrument basically | Appearance appearance, equipment and the requirement of all sorts of monitor, special the side shows in screen, did a lot of works that extend application, develop monitor of all sorts of big, medium, the small screen, these products can satisfy the screen of all sorts of diverse demands to indicate use, form a powerful team stage by stage. In infra-red LED respect, the 44th unit of company of group of science and technology of electron of metallurgy place, China such as place undertakes the 13rd place, Shanghai of company of group of science and technology of the cable in having research development, basically be with GaAs and GaAlAs material is given priority to, development goes a variety of close infra-red LED, obtain positive result of a lot of research, already all reached industrialization level.

Through effort of ten years, arrive to already formed the ability that produces per year chip of 3 billion common Led at present (basically be) of company of Nanchang glad Lei, and after working procedure is enclosed, the industrial chain that the respect such as LED application and form a complete set forms common Led product. From 20 centuries 90 time begin, as a result of AlGaInp LED of brightness of freeboard of red, orange, yellow reachs GaN radical of La Guang LED appear, more domestic colleges, institute joins the procession that studies development, the company that especially in last few years a lot of have actual strength throws freeboard brightness and industry of Bai Guang LED, form present development state of affairs stage by stage. According to preliminary understanding, the unit that home pursues LED estate exceeds 400 (foreign except) , exceed 50 thousand person from personnel of course of study, among them technical personnel exceeds 5000 people. LED crop exceeded 15 billion 2002, production value exceeds 8 billion yuan; LED production value exceeded 10 billion yuan 2003, crop makes an appointment with 20 billion, among them freeboard brightness LED has a few. In last few years the development speed of LED exceeds 30% , among them the development speed of freeboard brightness LED exceeds 50% .
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