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2008 dozenth an exhibition of Guangzhou international advertisement
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2008 dozenth an exhibition of Guangzhou international advertisement?

Basic message: Showpiece time: 2008-11-20 nods showpiece to 2008-11-22: Guangzhou shedding beautiful road sponsors an unit 119 numbers: Guangzhou city advertisement learns
Undertake unit: Contemporary international of Shanghai of world rich group shows limited company
Han Nuowei exhibition (China) limited company
Exhibit China international shows limited company

Ginseng extend range: Each outdoors LED big screen shows technology and applied system equipment
Big screen (CDT) monitor, inspect is shown implement;
Big screen (LED) indication equipment and LED parts of an apparatus;
Plasma (POP) monitor reachs indication screen;
Big screen liquid crystal (LCD) indication equipment reachs indication screen;
Machine of big screen colour television (article of high-definition clear, much picture, multimedia, graph and digital TV) ;
Big screen projector (the back sends form umbriferous television, before the projector that send form) ;
Organic electroluminescence flat (EL) , send glow to show (FED) , vacuum Yin Guangxian is shown (VFD) , electrophoresis shows (EPD) show equipment to wait with all sorts of light valve.

The city is energy-saving lighting engineering equipment
Equipment of technology of Cheng of illume of urban night scene, light chemical industry;
Landscape lamplight project and program are revealed, lamp lever and street lamp installation maintain facility, gaffer Cheng is exercise car, mechanical, urban lighting supervisory system, green illume reachs relevant and energy-saving product and technical equipment;
Technology of construction of engineering of gaffer Cheng design, illume, installation and equipment, special transformer substation and lighting electric equipment control yuan of parts of an apparatus to wait;
Setting of illume of countrywide municipal project and relevant equipment, city is floodlighting of laser technology product, building, outdoors the relevant product such as equipment of lighting of lamp act the role ofing and illume, urban night scene, neon lamp, street lamp, lamp visitting the land, water column lamp, solar energy. Detailed information

Advertisement of 2007 Guangzhou international is exhibited (CSF2007) Yu Jinqiu was in Guangzhou in November bright and beautiful Chinese exhibition center falls successfully next heavy curtain! The 25206 professional audiences, abroad major of 15% buys the home, ginseng to exhibit the enthusiastic echo with unprecedented a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale, eleventh was on November 21 exhibition of Guangzhou international advertisement delimits went up satisfactory full stop. By right of " internationalization, brand is changed, specialization " do extend a concept, current Guangzhou advertisement is exhibited attracted many 200 domestic and international famous advertisement technique, equipment and ginseng of relevant field company are exhibited, exhibit an area to amount to 20 thousand square metre.
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