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Electron of Bombay of 2008 round-the-world resource is exhibited
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Electron of Bombay of 2008 round-the-world resource is exhibited?

Basic message: Showpiece time: 2008-11-14 nods showpiece to 2008-11-16: Indian Bombay international exhibits a center to sponsor an unit: GlobalSources (round-the-world resource) undertake unit: Ginseng extend range: Bombay exhibits will attract those who come from the following market to buy the home:

Sri lanka

Before buying domestic general, will exhibit can purchase the following and of all kinds product:

Consume kind of electron product
The car holds electronic product and global location system
Computer reachs network product
Communication reachs wireless product
Power source equipment
Photoelectricity product
Home appliance product
Electronic spare parts
Health care and individual nurse product
Detailed information

ChinaSourcingFair:ELectronics&Components is appetent the supplier that begins professional work in India provided special sale platform. Will have numerous OEM and ODM manufacturer, shopkeeper, jobber at the appointed time, trade business, batch buys the home to reach purchase a manager to look around exhibit meeting, direct all along purchases place to want a product from the supplier with China, Hong Kong and Taiwan highly competitive area.

Mai Jiajun searchs these major actively brand-new product and supplier, with augment its supply of goods. A few the Ceng Qian that buy the home undertakes purchasing toward Asian area, other the high grade supplier that buys the home to hope to exhibit can direct contact to go to Indian ginseng to exhibit in this. Because this ChinaSourcingFair is you to provide market of rapid development India, exploit new business and the good opportunity that enlarge a sale.

Indian market reachs the powerful demand of the spare parts to electronic product
The electronic line of business that includes IT to reach telecommunication inside is one of industries with Indian the rapiddest development.

Predict October 2009, indian gross domestic product year increase rate will be achieved 7.4% .
According to " economics person " magazine (TheEconomist) statistic, india consumed electronic market gross earnings to amount to 4.8 billion dollar 2006.
The electronic part that Indian mainland produces occupies home market portion to make an appointment with 25%~30% only.

Bombay - transit and area purchase a center
Bombay is one of entrepot trade haven with the biggest South Asia. Bombay faces Arabia sea, advantaged geographical advantage, world's top-ranking easy communication and extremely perfect infrastructure make Bombay becomes harbor of entrepot trade fine, buy the home to come round to purchase in succession because of what this draws South Asia each district.

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