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Informatization of freeway of 2008 China International builds exhibition of new
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Informatization of freeway of 2008 China International builds exhibition of new technology new product?

Basic message: Showpiece time: 2008-11-10 nods showpiece to 2008-11-12: Tianjin international exhibits a center to sponsor an unit: China International commerce promotes committee
Association of safety of transportation of road of the Ministry of Public Security
Chinese highway learns
Academy of science of highway of the Ministry of Communication
Association of Chinese intelligence traffic
Committee of Tianjin city traffic
Undertake unit: Beijing actor starts limited company of culture of beautiful course of study
Tianjin international exhibits a center
Korea - China can exhibit ginseng of business affairs center to extend range: ? Indication system of communication of highway supervisory system, freeway and signal, collect fees platform of information of division of service of command system of system, central control, freeway, big screen joining together demonstrates system and skill;
? Video detects, car license plate identifies, trends says heavy, highway exceeds be restricted to detect / plan collect fees again chance of system, smooth end, matrix, labour accuses lighting of tunnel of machine, highway, article. Freeway atmosphere detects with system of Electromechanical of forecast, freeway, the channel Electromechanical system, system that prevent thunder.
? Illumination luminaries of indication screen of LED of system of traffic signal control, freeway and control system, LED, advocate car of command system of hub information center, road walks data collects eye of system, electron and overspeed to detect equipment, traffic is revulsive system, urgent accident rescuing system.

Detailed information

"Exhibition of new product of new technology of construction of informatization of freeway of 2008 China International " (abbreviation IHICE2008) be worth to you are participated in and pay close attention to it is Chinese freeway informatization exclusively to build technical application to offer comprehensive application solution 100% exhibition. IHICE2008 this platform will make compositive business enters system of domestic and international Electromechanical Chinese freeway informatization builds " direct car " .

Hold IHICE2008 end:
Accomplish to reveal project of Electromechanical of our country freeway in the round, share the experience that informatization of each district freeway builds, achievement and research, promotion uses new technology and new product application, experience of each district of summary, communication; Show the new technology of the emerge in large numbers in innovation of each comfortable highway science and technology, new achievement and new product; Concentration is inspected of achievement of innovation of highway science and technology in recent years to our country. Congress will attract systems of all famous freeway Electromechanical inside include course of study compositive business and collect fees, the look of the business of product of of all kinds old brand such as monitoring, communication, also be a lot of inside nearly 9 years active in the market " promising young person " the platform that provides a product to be revealed centrally with the foreign trader with rich actual strength.
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