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Illume of border of 8 youthful insularity is exhibited
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Illume of border of 8 youthful insularity is exhibited?

Basic message: Showpiece time: 2008-11-10 nods showpiece to 2008-11-12: Qingdao international exhibition center sponsors an unit: China International commerce promotes federation
Asian classics trade develops stimulative center
Shandong saves guild of electric equipment of Qingdao city lighting
Market of Qingdao city lamps and lanterns
Undertake unit: Qingdao heart Er shows limited company
(Unit of director of guild of electric equipment of Qingdao city lighting)
Ginseng extend range: A, professional / outdoors illume:
Outdoor / illume of the office and street illume, factory illume, building illume, commerce illume, project illume, gymnasium illume, gardens, public illume, explosion proof, factory
B, indoor illume (indoor lamp acts the role of, lamps and lanterns) : Droplight, floor lamp, desk lamp, wall lamp, contemporary with conventional lighting
C, professional lamplight: Lamplight of LED lamplight, neon lamp, arena, film, TV
D, illuminant: Technology of diode of bulb, energy-saving bulb, glow
Accessory of E, electric lamp: Chimney, glance cover, raw material and assemble component of system of technology, switch, electrical outlet, intelligence, ballast, capacitor, relay, electrical wiring, cable, lamp holder, lamp holder, electron, lamp dish, fittings of bracket, hardware, line matchs parts of an apparatus
Detailed information of   of   of   of   of media of H of facilities of production of G of system of control of F, illume, illume, instrument, news

Exhibition of exhibition of illume of international of the 3rd 2008 Qingdao and LED, neon lamp passes two development, already became Shandong to save dimensions the major with the biggest, the most extensive force is exhibited meeting. Qingdao international illume was exhibited 2007 with " outstanding brand, development innovation, pay attention to actual effect, aggrandizement to serve " exhibit a tenet to do, with " environmental protection is energy-saving, fashionable the life " give priority to a problem, many 200 business that attracted city of more than 20 province and area comes round to join exhibit, exhibit an area to amount to 10000 square metre, condensed illume industry the technology of foremost edge, product, seventeen ground city of the house property company that invited area of Shandong week border district, building adornment company, municipal engineering company, Shandong is hotel of class of institute of street lamp government, star, public place of entertainment, of all kinds committee of construction of factory, each city and agent, assemble in insular city -- Qingdao, visit exhibit meeting site to exchange information, participate in industry great event.
Chinese economy is booming further along healthy and fast development track, in in the near future inside denounce is gigantic endowment finished urban base construction, whole plans and shine change landscape build or rebuild project, make Qingdao and circumjacent city become home to have the terminal market that consumes latent capacity most necessarily, bring infinite business chance for numerous lighting company and unit of company of form a complete set. This second exhibit meeting concentration to show international lighting engineering and energy-saving skill, aim to strengthen the communication between enterprise of China and foreign countries and cooperation, the whole that promotes our country town planning, building and illume enterprise develops.
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