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Munich electron is exhibited | 2008 Munich international electron yuan expositio
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Munich electron is exhibited | 2008 Munich international electron yuan exposition of parts of an apparatus (Electronica2008)?

Basic message: Showpiece time: 2008-11-11 nods showpiece to 2008-11-14: New Munich exhibits a center to sponsor an unit: Munich shows a company
Undertake unit: Ginseng extend range: Indication equipment, power source, transformer, batteries, enclose craft, servo and drive element, electron design, examine detect, package and support system, semiconductor, built-in system, sensor and small system, printed circuit board with other cable of craft of circuit board, coupling, wire, switch, passivity.
Detailed information

Postpone meeting brief introduction:
Only then the Munich international electron that did 1964 yuan exposition of parts of an apparatus (Electronica) after experiencing 40 old health to develop, already became the top class grand meeting of global electron industry nowadays. Two years a cycle, the elite of the electronic industry that comes from global each district people get together in Munich, in all appraise past is the development of industry of electron of two years of whole worlds, neat the future of market of look up electron. At the appointed time, the famous electron enterprise that comes from global each district will roll out his newest achievement; And numerous professional audience also will flow to release even Yu Lingren's dazzling new product, new technology not merely, they more it is to search for oneself favorite client, sign cooperative agreement. Electronica2006 photograph had big breakthrough more than going up, exhibit the amplification of area of dealer independence stall, promoted whole exhibit the integral figure of the meeting and level, the ginseng of Asia and America country exhibits the large-scale affiliation of the company, make Munich electron exhibits internationally, professional, each other is epicene strode more difficult one situation, of 84% exhibiting business to reach the visiting audience of 94% is the evaluation is more: Should be being exhibited is the exposition that conclusive effect has in electronic industry, firm the whole world is the biggest electron yuan the honor that parts of an apparatus exhibits and position.
Chinese ginseng exhibits general situation:
Regard global electron as the chinese mainland that the industry invests one of heat, shared ginseng of 200 China company to exhibit 2006, always exhibit the area is already close 2000 square metre, among them 35 companies apply for an area to be in 20 smooth rice above, broke away from China to exhibit an area, in blending in international to postpone business. The ginseng after exhibiting exhibits survey data to show, those who have 95 % exhibit business to express to join exhibit the effect first-rate, express clearly to will continue to join exhibit, and already more ginseng exhibit a company to express to hope to issueing exhibit area of the application on the meeting to be in 20 smooth rice above.
The exhibition is periodic: Biennially
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