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Asian fiber-optic communication and photoelectricity exposition and internationa
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Asian fiber-optic communication and photoelectricity exposition and international conference (AOE)?

Basic message: Showpiece time: 2008-10-31 nods showpiece to 2008-11-2: Shanghai world trade reads extensively the center sponsors an unit: Limited company of lukewarm exhibition of Helen of Chinese Shenzhen city
Undertake unit: Seminar of American fiber-optic communication and exhibition (Chinese agency)
American optics learns OpticalSocietyofAmerica(OSA)
American communication learns and laser and photoelectricity learn IEEE/LEOS
WenGlobalSolutionsInc. (The United States)
Limited company of lukewarm exhibition of Helen of Chinese Shenzhen city
Ginseng extend range: A, smooth communication - active parts of an apparatus, passive parts of an apparatus
B, photoelectricity shows material and equipment
C, optical component and material
D, laser is infra-red reach photoelectricity form a complete set detailed information

Show the actual strength that you are in China to the middle of the fiber-optic photoelectricity connoisseur of global each district.
Build international brand famous degree, travel together in international friendly relationship is established in course of study,
Seek the foreign representative collaboration, proof that attending AOE major to exhibit can be company actual strength and dimensions.

Asian fiber-optic communication and photoelectricity exposition and international conference (AOE) will come to read extensively in Shanghai world trade on November 2 on October 30, 2008 the center is held. It is by the United States 3 big guild and WGS combination team do. They have come from American optics to learn (laser of association of communication of OSA) , United States, United States and photoelectricity association (photoelectricity of IEEE/LEOS) , United States is fiber-optic communication seminar and exhibition China agency (WenGlobalSolutionsInc of OFC/NFOEC) , United States. With Shenzhen city Hailunwen exhibits group of limited company combination to do.

Current market competition is intense, the company expands the market share of oneself product and limits in effort. The enterprise should choose to be revealed in AOE exhibition new product and release new product information. Regard market sale as a main component, AOE exhibition is a link that cannot neglect. Entering AOE exhibition is activity of a kind of very effective, direct propagandist public relations, the enterprise can be faced directly on AOE exhibition buy the home and competitor, pass the conduct propaganda of instant sex and communication, obtain market information and trends instantly, but rapid statistic gives relevant market data. We will make target of the following conduct propaganda and plan provide important basis for the enterprise. Traditional media place cannot achieve these.

Be hard to obtain visa as a result of major China citizen and cannot join abroad exhibit and buy a meeting with abroad. The international that so we invited seminar of communication of fine of American smooth light produced by electricity and exhibition OFC/NFOEC and Europe buys the home and scientist chinese mainland and everybody meeting. AOE already invited many 30000 international to buy the home and have fun at the ginseng of the.AOE of business of foreign photoelectricity glossy news report that seeks a partner in China exhibits business and the famous photoelectricity company that buy the home to will come from world each district. This is very good opportunity buys international the home is taken from exhibition the factory looks around and buy Chinese photoelectricity product.
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