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Application of photoelectricity of 2008 Guangdong international and flat show ex
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Application of photoelectricity of 2008 Guangdong international and flat show exhibition?

Basic message: Showpiece time: 2008-11-4 nods showpiece to 2008-11-6: Center of Guangdong contemporary exhibition sponsors an unit: Optical meeting undertakes unit: Guangzhou gets rich to exhibit limited company ginseng to extend range: Flat shows kind: ?
LCD/PDP/OLED face plate / module; Feeling screen is relevant data and module;
LCD/PDP/OLED raw material / package; LCD/PDP/OLED produces equipment / detect / instrument;
Clean / purify / antistatic;

LED reachs semiconductor illume:
LED chip / denotative a LED fluorescent material, sizy, bracket, model wait

LED encloses / module: Lattice of canal of maneating fish, number, LED / LED of module, colonies LED, SMDLED, high-power

LED semiconductor illume reachs application: Lamp of illume of word of glow of LED indication screen, LED, LED, LED is acted the role of, car of illuminant of back of LED traffic light, LED, LED controls a system to wait with the lamp, LED

LED makes / detect equipment: Aircraft of the machine that nod glue, route of solid brilliant, solder, color separation / the prismatic machine, machine that cut a pattern, the machine that cut a foot, spectral detector, moistureproof ark.

Optical material / instrument and fiber-optic communication kind;
Mobile phone and monitor optics glass reach relevant data; Optical assembly reachs plated film material and device;
Optical parts of an apparatus is produced / treatment / detect / equipment; Fiber-optic communication; Smooth output is entered / light stores

Solar energy and application kind:
Solar cell; Solar cell module; Solar energy photoelectricity generates electricity system and project service;
Component of solar energy system; Solar energy makes Cheng equipment and relevant material; Solar energy the people's livelihood uses a product;
Detailed information

Market prospect:
China is rising abruptly to produce power for a main semiconductor, the semiconductor market production value that predicts China to 2006 reachs 22 billion dollar, hold whole world total production value 9% of 245 billion dollar, its sell portion to be next to the United States and Japan to take the world the 3rd, and follow-up market potential is tremendous. Dongguan, already became the computer spare parts with the greatest whole world to produce one of treatment base, "Dongguan is made " urban brand already enjoyed great reputation, dongguan already became the IT industry strong city of a be worthy of the name. Dongguan IT manufacturing industry attracted large quantities of one world-renowned enterprises to stop investment, among them electron of 13 whole worlds 30 100 strong companies, 500 strong companies, include American current electric equipment, Du Bang, Thomson, Holand to fly to SamSung of benefit riverside, Finnish Nuojiya, Korea, Japan report of 3 ocean, SDK, day, 10 thousand treasure. And exhibit can hold ground large market, the meeting that is Hua Na exhibits a famous city, it is the hub of Dongguan industry, economic gross ranks Dongguan to press down front row each; Current the powerful industry setting that exhibits meeting general to rely on Dongguan and Shenzhen adequately to create base as international photoelectron, play can extend the advantage of the first town, the impetus of produce and sale of season of Qiu Dong of manufacturing industry of stimulative Guangdong photoelectron, drive the further progress of the industry!
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