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2008 China Anhui is energy-saving invitation letter of exposition of industry of
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2008 China Anhui is energy-saving invitation letter of exposition of industry of environmental protection science and technology?

Basic message: Showpiece time: 2008-10-28 nods showpiece to 2008-10-30: Anhui international exhibition center sponsors an unit: City of science and technology of association of science and technology of bureau of intellectual property of ministry of science and technology of government of people of the Anhui province, country, Ministry of Education, industry and informatization ministry, country, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, world is allied (WTA) undertakes unit: Ginseng of government of Hefei city people extends range: Lamp of car of mark of advertisement of mark of signal of traffic of illume of LED landscape illume, LED indoor illume, LED special type, LED, LED, LED is acted the role of, LED shows screen, LED is in a poor light source, LED encloses parts of an apparatus to reach concerned equipment and instrument to wait. Detailed information

★ advantage and characteristic:
1, country and province government height take seriously and your kind effort supports, it is country and the serious content that save governmental policy support, website of more than 100 industries of countrywide and professional journal comprise alliance of strong conduct propaganda to cast brand grand meeting.
2, each are expert of place of courtyard of country and province government leader, each scientific research, large and medium-sized company manager and ginseng exhibit business to communicate face-to-face, a large number of enterprise or business unit and agency delegate will arrive at the spot to negotiate collaboration, butt joint communication.
3, to expand and be strengthened " Jiebohui " influence, after be being evaluated to joining meeting product and technical classics to sponsor unit government orgnaization, will preferential bring into a government to purchase directory.
4, hall of construction of the Anhui province and regulation of Hefei municipal government, build a village to need system of the heat preservation outside the wall outside asking to use by energy-saving environmental protection, apply energy-saving door pane, water heater of installation solar energy, to broad buy room door to publish index of building specific power consumption, for product of broad and energy-saving environmental protection promotion provided huge applied market.

★ ginseng exhibits form and rate:
◇ ginseng extends a form: Report for duty, cloth exhibits: On October 26, 2008 ― 27 days
Reveal, negotiate, trade: On October 28, 2008 ― 30 days
◇ rate:
1) exhibit a cost: GB exhibits (3 ㎡ of 3 × ) : 5800 yuan / ; Install especially exhibit (hire since 36 ㎡) : 550 yuan / square metre.
2) advertisement of proceedings of a conferences: Back cover 12000 yuan of RMBs / page; Inside front cover 10000 yuan of RMBs / page; Inside back cover 8000 yuan of RMBs / page; Title page 10000 yuan of RMBs / page; Chromatic foldout 5000 yuan of RMBs / page; Black and white foldout 3000 yuan of RMBs / page.
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