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Electron of Madrid of the 14th Spain and its equipment are exhibited
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Electron of Madrid of the 14th Spain and its equipment are exhibited?

Basic message: Showpiece time: 2008-10-28 nods showpiece to 2008-11-1: Spanish Madrid international exhibition center sponsors an unit: Spanish Madrid undertakes unit: Ginseng extend range: Electronic the sources of energy; The electron installs science and technology; Lamplight and illume; Network and electronic communication; Electron and industrial equipment are waited a moment

Detailed information

Postpone meeting introduction:
MATELEC is Spain is the most important exhibit one of meetings, exhibit in international high reputation is enjoyed in the meeting, have very big effect to the development of electronic domain. Since holding the first 1982, held 12 successfully already, ginseng exhibit business, major audience and showpiece area year after year increases. Exhibit an area through what the setting differs, organize technical seminar, attend to promote a plan internationally, and open for professional audience only, the clean exhibition area 2007 achieved 60524 square metre, share 1152 ginseng that come from each country to exhibit business ginseng, professional audience also reached nearly 70 thousand person.
Should exhibit of the meeting sponsorring square IFEMA is the orgnaization of Spanish government exhibition that has actual strength quite, the elaborate scheme in it, publicize energetically under, should exhibit no matter dimensions is reached,can exhibit meeting result to all rise considerably, the burgeoning industry that has market competition ability to this has great sense in the development on the international market.
Market prospect:
Spain is one spends higher country to foreign trade depend on sb or sth for existence. Come for years, the entrance is more than exit. In the meantime, because be contacted with Latin America country on the history close together, consequently of Spain exhibit other of meeting comparing Europe before can attracting Latin America trader more, can go to look around, of business of Latin America of Spanish trader representative more than country of other European Union also much. In recent years, spain is European Union economy one of the most dynamic nations, it already was the world nowadays system of the 8th old economy. Predict China will exceed the United States this year, become the commerce associate with the oldest outside the European Union Spain, this will bring more business chance to our country enterprise.

I manage group of electrons outside extending a state, communication, hardware, home appliance, building materials, steam deserves to wait for an industry to exhibit meeting, case of greeting incoming telegram seeks advice, communication.
2008 A cloth is plunged into than exhibition of international electron communication   of       in May 2008   (begin to sign up)
Communication of the international austral at present of polish 2008 wave and electronic exhibition   in June 2008   (begin to sign up)
2008 India electron exhibits   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of       September 2008   (begin to sign up)
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