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The 10th 2008 China International are new and high technical achievement Fair -
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The 10th 2008 China International are new and high technical achievement Fair - photoelectricity shows exhibit LED and semiconductor illume to exhibit an area?

Basic message: Showpiece time: 2008-10-12 nods showpiece to 2008-10-17: Shenzhen can exhibit a center to sponsor an unit: Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China
Ministry of science and technology of People's Republic of China
MII of People's Republic of China
Country of People's Republic of China develops and reform committee
Ministry of Education of People's Republic of China
Ministry of human affairs of People's Republic of China
Committee of industry of science and technology of national defence of People's Republic of China
Bureau of intellectual property of country of People's Republic of China
The Chinese Academy of Sciences
The Chinese Academy of Engineering
Government of Shenzhen city people undertakes unit: Shenzhen city China International is new and high technical achievement trades center
Yaweihui exhibits Shenzhen city limited company ginseng extends range: - LED encloses a product: Glow of LED of LED indication screen is in charge of (of all kinds) LED of group of model of glow of full prize of canal of glow of LED of maneating fish SMD-LED high-power is flexible smooth;
- LED material fittings: LED of source of MO of crystal of underlay of annulus of brilliant of enlarge of aluminum steel of LED of adhesive plaster of LED of bracket of ED of  muching 跮 is denotative piece, chip of chip, Lei is relevant base material;
- LED photoelectricity produces equipment:
- controller controls a system: LED controls controller of gradual change of systematic full color to show screen controls drive of systematic constant voltage;
- car kind LED: Dial of appearance of lamp of batholith of sidelight of car of headlight of car of taillight of brake lamp car;
- aerospace LED lamp: Plane of light of beacon of aeronautical light safe-light kind air route of lamp of airport of the lamp outside light plane controls the lamp;
- city of Cheng of light chemical industry is bright change LED to shine change an environment to shine turn building landscape illumination;  
- illume design: Illume of system of typical case lighting plans;  
- lamp of LED lamps and lanterns acts the role of fittings: Glow of lamp of LED headlight ball is in charge of chip of LED of LED line lamp;  
- LED lamp belt: Lamp of LED flat line takes rainbow to be in charge of neon light to take glow to be in charge of;
- illume fittings: Lamp holder plug electrical outlet wire cable;  
- illume controls device: Detailed information

[exhibit meeting window]
1, the LED trade fair that China provides the authoritative, most influential power most.
Since was held first 2004, the grand meeting of LED industry year that 4 years painstaking effort makes accumulative total meticulously. The professional audience that has the country that comes from Taiwan of the United States, England, Germany, Canada, Australia, Italy, Russia, Japan, Korea, China to wait to precede in LED domain technology and area is amounted to 50, 000 person-time, it is LED industry the the most authoritative, most influential in China force, dimensions is the biggest, abroad the grand meeting of year of new and high technology with most audience.
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