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Construction of infrastructure of city of Zhengzhou of the 2nd 2008 China and mu
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Construction of infrastructure of city of Zhengzhou of the 2nd 2008 China and municipal bright change illume exhibition?

Basic message: Showpiece time: 2008-10-11 nods showpiece to 2008-10-13: International of Zhengzhou Central Plains reads extensively center (road of another name for Kaifeng of Zhengzhou city Zheng 96) sponsor an unit: Henan saves building architecture to meet
China International commerce promotes federation
Asian classics trade develops stimulative center
Undertake unit: Zhengzhou sea name collects rich to be able to exhibit ginseng of concoctive limited company to extend range: 1, the city is communal lighting engineering and Cheng of municipal light chemical industry, green illume project, gaffer Cheng and program are revealed, lamp lever and street lamp installation safeguard technology of cable of division of supervisory system of lighting of equipment, city, lighting and product, gaffer technology of installation of Cheng design, gaffer Cheng and equipment
2, control of the illumination luminaries outside the specialist, illume, management and survey a system
3, illume production facilities, testing instrument, indicator light of LED back illuminant, indication screen, traffic, high frequency without extremely the product of of all kinds illuminant such as the lamp, neon lamp
4, power source of lamp of signal lamp of solar energy street lamp, solar energy, lawn, court lamp, energy-saving lamp, smooth hot season, controller
5, accessory of lighting electric equipment
6, unit of unit of program of municipal engineering company, building construction company, construction, engineering of mapping, survey
7, municipal project: New technology of product of municipal project form a complete set, new material
Detailed information

As the rapid development of our country economy, the city changes a process to be accelerated ceaselessly, accelerate urban infrastructure construction to already was become pull move inside needed new state. Zhengzhou -- the throughout the country's important thing sheds trade center city! China has the city that expands latent capacity most! Complete diplomatic relation opens a key position! In recent years GDP maintains 10% above growth continuously. Accompanying mid rise abruptly, Central Plains city group construction development and the development that Central Plains economy heads, new round construction climax and development heat are being formed quickly.
Municipal and public facilities and partial society served Henan annual city 2007 course of study plans 28 billion yuan to complete investment, grow 18.9% compared to the same period, accumulative total of fixed assets of municipal and public facilities finishs city of total provincial capital invest 58.5 billion yuan; To 2012, urban infrastructure construction should have new progress, 2008-2012 year Henan is in town planning and construction respect, all city county will be finished new overall planning of round of city is repaired make up, zhengzhou city was announced a few days ago " door head board and night scene illume run urban neon light method " , clear government encourages edge market unit to install night scene illume, watch of alone outfit is metric with n, administration of the appearance of a city is in charge of a branch to will offer subsidy, make Central Plains " not nocturnal city " , carry out green illume, answer managing model social construction, develop managing and energy-saving illume, do well further the city is bright change landscape to build an activity. Be opposite as complete province municipal bright change and landscape illuminative takes seriously increasingly, rich, meticulous, diversiform zoology lives space slowly infiltration the life of people. Henan and mid district are municipal the tremendous progress latent capacity that reachs landscape illume market, created all-time business chance for domestic and international illume businessman.
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