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Electron of Hong Kong of autumn of 2008 round-the-world resource is exhibited
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Electron of Hong Kong of autumn of 2008 round-the-world resource is exhibited?

Basic message: Showpiece time: 2008-10-12 nods showpiece to 2008-10-15: International of Hong Kong Asia reads extensively the house sponsors an unit: Globalsources (round-the-world resource) undertake unit: Ginseng extend range: Exhibit a product to include the following category:

Computer reachs network product
Consume kind of electron product
Digital recreation product
Electronic spare parts
Global location system
Health care and individual nurse electronic product
The car carries electronic product
Interconnection technology reachs a product
Photoelectricity product
Power source equipment
How to defend a product
Communication reachs wireless product
Mobile telephone
VoIP reachs WiFi product
Detailed information

ChinaSourcingFair:ELectronics&Components will in October 2008 12-15 day reads extensively in international of Hong Kong Asia the house is held. Exhibit can expand ceaselessly since hold, extending scope in October is the coronal that all previous autumn exhibits more, will exhibit more and brand-new product, gather the supplier of more and high grade China and Asia, at the appointed time the electronic product of thousands of will spread all over Asian international to read extensively 8 of the house large place, will be not allow to miss inside course of study purchase grand occasion!

the electronic product that buy a direct contact to hope and international and manages business collaboration and electronic hardware manufacturer, attending round-the-world resource to purchase Fair is the efficient way that achieves its goal. Round-the-world resource purchases Fair to be electronic product and supplier of electronic spare parts and global target to buy a direct contact, establish business connection and promoted exit outstanding achievement to offer unique business chance.

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