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2008 (autumn) Guangzhou international purchases exposition---Floodlight is acted
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2008 (autumn) Guangzhou international purchases exposition---Floodlight is acted the role of exhibit?

Basic message: Showpiece time: 2008-10-14 nods showpiece to 2008-10-18: Guangzhou international purchases a center (Guangzhou city sea bead area Pa continent highway east 2-8 date, wide reach meeting Pa continent house east side) sponsor an unit: Guangzhou international purchases central group limited company to undertake unit: International of Guangdong silver-colored appropriate exhibits limited company ginseng to extend range: Professional / outdoors illume: Outdoor / illume of the office and street illume, factory illume, building illume, commerce illume, project illume, gymnasium illume, gardens, public illume, explosion proof, factory;
Indoor illume (indoor lamp acts the role of, lamps and lanterns) : Droplight, floor lamp, desk lamp, wall lamp, contemporary wait with conventional lighting;
Professional lamplight: Lamplight of LED lamplight, neon lamp, arena, film, TV;
Illuminant: Technology of diode of bulb, energy-saving bulb, glow;
Electric lamp accessory: Chimney, glance cover, raw material and assemble component of system of technology, switch, electrical outlet, intelligence, ballast, capacitor, relay, electrical wiring, cable, lamp holder, lamp holder, electron, lamp dish, fittings of bracket, hardware, line matchs parts of an apparatus to wait;
Illume controls system, illume to produce equipment, instrument to wait
The building is electrical engineering and electric: Electric equipment accessory and electrical engineering material, for deserving to change electric equipment and electric product, power source, instrument, appearance reachs a tool to wait.
Detailed information

Attend ﹚ of 2008 ﹙ autumn to pick gain meeting floodlight is acted the role of extend argument
One, provide strategical timeline extremely
As wide hand in can remove in the round, from 8 years fall rises the 104th times, every cent period is in Pa continent house to hold, ﹚ of 2008 ﹙ autumn picks gain meeting floodlight is acted the role of exhibit will to it synchronous the corresponding period is held, share its to it tens of 10 thousand international purchase dealer natural resources.
2, advantaged geographical advantage
The country collects a center to be located in Guangzhou Pa continent meeting exhibits business to encircle core position, head for wide hand in the car of the meeting to need classics country collects a center, trouble-free travel space counts the pace only minute, will with wide hand in can giant foreign trader to communicate directly.

3, brand-new modern meeting exhibits central structure and form a complete set
Proximate wide hand in can exhibit the modern Guangzhou international with the biggest house to purchase a center, cover an area of an area to even more ten thousand and ten square metre, floor area 270 thousand square metre, first floor layer is 12 meters tall, space of individuation of completely contented enterprise is revealed, utmost is attracted buy the home to look around. The country collects a center to have perfect liaison man, content shedding, storage, custom, finance, meal, exhibit trade to wait one-stop can extend service system, contented exhibit business and audience human nature to change requirement.
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