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2008 Spain cover with tiles furniture of Lun Xiya international, adornment and l
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2008 Spain cover with tiles furniture of Lun Xiya international, adornment and lamps and lanterns are exhibited?

Basic message: Showpiece time: 2008-9-23 nods showpiece to 2008-9-27: Spain covers with tiles Lun Xiya sponsors an unit: Walunxiya exhibits a center to sponsor undertake unit: Ginseng extend range: Lamps and lanterns kind: Indoor wait for illume of products of all sorts of illume of lamps and lanterns, household with the lamp; Spare parts of the lighting system, office lighting system, lamps and lanterns outdoor, garden lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns, rectifier, transformer, open brightness implement, illume detects system of lighting of device, intelligence, safety calls the police system of system and protection system, alloter, route, fixed material, switch, electrical outlet and outlet, circuit transmits system, low-pressure system, LED lamp, LCD.
Decorate material kind: Of all kinds wallboard, floor, aluminous material, compound board, PVC plank, heat preservation heat-insulating material, waterproof, paint spray material, agglutinate material, fill seam material, model steel material.
Furniture and fittings kind: Do fair furniture, desk and chair of of all kinds office, file ark, tall partition, safe, store content ark; Sitting room furniture, bedroom furniture, bathroom furniture, dining-room furniture, kitchen furniture, outdoors furniture, sofa, software furniture; Communal circumstance furniture, airport furniture, school furniture, theater / auditorium furniture, museum furniture, library furniture, lab furniture; Furniture fittings, furniture complementary makings.
Detailed information

Furniture of international of Spanish made of baked clay Lun Xiya, lamps and lanterns and acting the role of material to exhibit is annual professional commerce is exhibited, only then 1966, hold every year, by orgnaization of blame productiveness government, walunxiya exhibits a center to sponsor, annual in Spain the 3rd big city covers with tiles Lun Xiya is held, already held 44 up to now, it is the furniture with the oldest Spain, household and indoor decorate grand meeting, also be Europe is next to the 3rd big grand meeting that Milanese furniture is exhibited and division grand furniture postpones. The corresponding period holds international lamps and lanterns to exhibit (the 43rd) with adornment material is exhibited (the 42nd) . Among them the international that because its are extensive,lamps and lanterns exhibits participates in harmony praise and by international exhibition alliance (UFI) place attestation. This lamp act the role ofing extends by a definite date 6 days, be the same as the ground to hold at the same time with additionally two exhibitions, include international furniture to exhibit (FIM) reach adornment to decorate things to exhibit (DECO) , the purpose basically is to attract more buying the home comes round to participate in. Those who visit these 3 fair buy the home to basically come from an European Union, it is Russia next, brazil, wu Kelan, polish, mexico reachs A couplet chief of a tribe. In addition, come from Armenia, of Cape Verde island and Kazakstan buy the home, this year is to visit an exhibition first.
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