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The 2nd China (Qingdao) international builds energy-saving section report to bui
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The 2nd China (Qingdao) international builds energy-saving section report to build applied exposition?

Basic message: Showpiece time: 2008-10-10 nods showpiece to 2008-10-12: Qingdao international exhibition center sponsors an unit: Housing and development of science and technology of ministry of urban and rural construction promote a center
Housing and ministry of urban and rural construction build energy-saving center
Committee of Qingdao city construction undertakes unit: Qingdao town building is energy-saving innovate the office with wall body material
Qingdao city builds   of energy-saving association  
International of Qingdao sea Chen can exhibit limited company
Ginseng extend range: One. Air regulating system and green are energy-saving illume kind: System of central air conditioning, energy-saving model system of cold heat source of air conditioning, air conditioning; Gaffer of control of product of source of new-style and energy-saving lighting, energy-saving lamps and lanterns, LED, intelligence, green Cheng.
2. Statistic of the sources of energy detects, testing system of specific power consumption, heat addition, heating room system, cent cent door is metric, metric etc detect metric product.
3. Section water technology reachs device: The section water faucet, equipment that defend bath, valve, water meter, pipe fitting tubal material, rainwater is used, in water is answered with the technology;
4. Section ground technology reachs a product: Technology of workshop of system of new-style structure technology, clinking steel, steel structure, prestressing force and material;
5. Build energy-saving insulation material: Build system of heat preservation of wall of inside and outside; Heat preservation, heat-insulating material; Sunshade system; System of roofing heat preservation;
6. The production of material of body of new-style and energy-saving wall, technology and product, detect equipment;
7. Dry mix mortar product, additive and equipment;
8. New energy resources uses: Wind energy equipment, solar energy equipment, hot pump can but renewable resources;
9. Demonstrative achievement of engineering of energy-saving building, green reveals: The public construction of each district choose is example of project of development of estate of building of demonstrative project, green, energy-saving demonstrative residence village, intelligence builds overall design program to wait;
10. Residential product changes a ministry to taste. Detailed information

To carry out the State Council in the round array of the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon, urge a construction the development of energy-saving, new energy resources and use, promote but the application of second birth the sources of energy, urge a construction energy-saving the development with new energy resources. By construction development of ministry science and technology accelerates center, construction city of energy-saving center, Qingdao is built appoint sponsor jointly " the 2nd China (Qingdao) international building is energy-saving and but building of second birth the sources of energy applies exposition " , will in October 2008 10, 12 days are held ceremoniously in Qingdao international exhibition center.
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