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International illume and lamp acted the role of Balunxiya 2008 exhibit
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International illume and lamp acted the role of Balunxiya 2008 exhibit?

Basic message: Showpiece time: 2008-9-24 nods showpiece to 2008-9-29: Center of exhibition of Xi Yaguo border sponsors Spanish Ba Lun unit: International exhibits Balunxiya the center undertakes unit: Beijing gets collect international to exhibit limited company ginseng to extend range: The fittings of droplight and crystalline light, crystalline light, reflector and lighting system, lamp that cast light, embed the lamp, all sorts of ejaculation lamp of the lamp and spotlight, LED lamp, energy-saving lamp, haloid incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, discharge, lash-up lamp and safe mark lamp;
Cinema of household illume, office lighting, arena uses system of lighting of the lamp, street lamp and traffic light, searchlight, intelligence;
The lamps and lanterns outdoor, garden lamps and lanterns;
Other illuminant product, ballast, open brightness implement, transformer, electrical wiring and wiring column, switch and electrical outlet, eletroplate lamp of component of material, electron, other acts the role of fittings;
Installation technology and safe system, LCD, illume detects software of design of device, lamp act the role ofing
Detailed information

"International lamps and lanterns exhibits Balunxiya " orgnaization of dispute productiveness government, balunxiya exhibits a center to sponsor, spain decorates grand meeting inside the largest lamps and lanterns and city, already held 43 up to now, be in every year in Spain Balunxiya holds the 3rd big city, the corresponding period holds international furniture to exhibit (the 46th) with adornment material is exhibited (the 43rd) . Among them the international that because its are extensive,lamps and lanterns and furniture exhibit participates in harmony praise and by international exhibition alliance (UFI) place attestation.

2007 exhibit meeting gross area to achieve 150, 000 square metre, come from the product that at the world 2000 ginseng of 90 countries exhibited business to reveal them here, represented 2500 brands of industry of whole world furniture. Come from at the world 47 of 90 many countries, 300 audiences entered this second exhibition, come from the Western Europe country such as Germany to purchase business to achieve among them 11, 000.
Present those who visit 3 fair buy the home to basically come from an European Union, it is Russia, Brazil, Wukelan, Poland, Mexico and A couplet chief of a tribe next. In addition, come from Armenia, Cape Verde island, law to belong to A of an elongated pointed tablet of jade held in the hands by ancient rulers on ceremonial occasions to reach Kazakstan then. The statistical material that seizes FIAM shows, the lamp that exhibiting is acted the role of in the center, 54% belong to traditional pattern, 46% for stylish. In addition, joining the company that exhibit to have 25% businesses every year about is reached in this exhibition.

During 3 afore-mentioned exhibitions are held, plenary meeting is special in Balunxiya monarch of a building sets downtown assembly room, let join exhibit business and palaver of the meeting that buy the home to reach hold the meeting.
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