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China is a key breakthrough LED lighting package success or failure of this rev
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LED industry in recent years from the hustle and bustle of the lighting began to calm down the revolution, the Chinese LED industry has matured and rational. Light-emitting diode (LED) light-emitting performance of the past decade has also been significantly improved from the past 20 lumens per watt increased to 150 lumens per watt recently, the current has reached high power LED semiconductor lighting for large general level. And semiconductor lighting has such energy saving, environmental protection, and other major long-term advantages, it is very worthy of a new generation of light source, while the performance of LED packaging is the key technology to achieve the above, it is also urgent need to break the Chinese LED industry, the key point. Recently, the reporter Electronics Show from the fair organizers learned that creative era, LED lighting to help local enterprises to seek breakthroughs in key technologies, get rid of the revolution in lighting technology gap with Western companies drag on, the fair electronics show in the twelfth (ELEXCON2010) during the era of creativity will be invited from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Professor Li Shiwei sits "High Brightness LED Packaging Workshop", answering questions for the participants to introduce the evolution and development of lighting trends, and elaborate structure of LED package , taught include chip interconnect technology, phosphor coating, plastic fabrication, and cooling materials and thermal management; the LED optical design, optical analysis, and technical issues such as optical detection, but also will give details. In addition, the workshop also will explore high-brightness LED arrays and modules in general and special lighting engineering applications, and analysis of relevant cases. End of the course will introduce the prospect of semiconductor lighting and technology roadmap, and discuss issues related to patents. LED industry chain generally divided into upper, middle and lower reaches, respectively, epitaxial silicon LED, LED packaging and LED applications. As the LED industry chain in the nexus of the LED packaging industry, in the whole industrial chain plays an important role in unparalleled. Widespread concern in the industry field of LED lighting, advances in packaging technology is especially important. Differences in packaging technology can directly impact the quality of LED products, good packaging and cooling technology can work in the LED junction temperature below 60 ℃, life can be more than 50,000 hours. The poor LED packaging technology will shorten the life span is more than half. According to research firm iSuppli predicted that in 2006 -2012, the global LED market sales compound annual growth rate of about 14.6%, while the future of large-sized LCD backlighting, automotive lighting and general lighting applications and other emerging fields, will stimulate accelerated growth in LED, 2012, LED market will reach 12.3 billion. Currently the chip to enhance light efficiency of LED lights to make some high light efficiency can reach the whole 80lm / W or more, already have the advantage of energy conservation, and its reliability and service life will need to rely on packaging technology to further improve. LED packaging technology, mostly in discrete devices based on the development of packaging technology evolved, but it is very special. In general, discrete devices are sealed die inside the package, the package main function is to protect the die and the completion of electrical interconnection. The LED package is the complete output signals, protect the die work, output: the function of visible light, both electrical parameters, but also the design of optical parameters and technical requirements, can not simply be packaged discrete devices for LED. At present, China's LED packaging industry development constraints because, technically speaking: First, the key raw materials, packaging: such as the substrate material, organic rubber (silicone, epoxy resin), phosphor and other performance to be improved. Second, the thermal power LED packaging technology not yet been fully resolved. Third, the package structure for different applications should be innovative. These technical problems need to be continuous improvement of process technology, to be overcome. When the epitaxial silicon technology upgrading, the rapid decline in chip cost. But the back-end discrete chip technology, the cost of traditional packaging technology to become the bottleneck of the system. In fact, the packaging technology of the gold content of less than chip production, how to solve the LED heat? How to reduce the thermal resistance of LED? How to increase the efficiency of LED light out? How to increase the reliability of LED? These problems lie in the LED industry on the road a "stumbling block" will be in the high-brightness LED package of this workshop to explore all solutions, interested companies and engineers can now visit the official website of the fair or contact the e-group Registration Authority to obtain the master face to face with the LED package of opportunities. Currently, LED enterprises are facing a golden opportunity: a good policy environment, strong market demand and broad development space, as long as the overcome from technological innovation, standardization, intellectual property and other challenges of scale, creating large-scale international and domestic first-class leading packaging companies will no longer be a dream!
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