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China investment to further expand innovative ergonomic LED
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Through human and machine ergonomics, the environment and the rational combination of the interaction is an application designed to meet the user to achieve greater efficiency and security. For the gradual penetration of the mode of operation to different levels, including in the energy saving dual-use products. The Chinese innovation through the exchange entered into an equity and shareholder loan agreement, to be invested in aesthetic Horizon Limited ("beautiful horizon"), on the one hand strengthen the Group in the "New Light" category strength, on the other machine is an investment LED Works taken an important step. Under the agreement, China agreed to conditionally innovation to 150 shares held by 2,250 A shares and B shares shares up to record [2.18 0.00%] New Limited ("up to innovation") equity swap Joy China Group Limited ("Joy China") 1,890 shares held by B horizon of aesthetic interest. Meanwhile, the Group will be up to the amount of innovation and shareholder loans of HK 51,352,252 yuan exchange Joy China in the aesthetic vision of the shareholder loans amounting to HK 51,352,252 yuan. Aesthetic vision of enterprise applications as a new light, with strong R & D technology, is mainly engaged in the development of LED lighting products, with patented ergonomic LED technology to light equipment in the new space, to easily adapt to the human environment, its products are widely used in military and civilian markets, including tanks, aircraft, vehicles and vessels. LED man-machine engineering starting from ergonomics, with this technology to produce LED lamps have high luminous efficiency, less power consumption, luminous flux appropriate to achieve any color temperature characteristics of the health spectrum. Aesthetic vision is planning to further develop the field of LED ergonomics and expand new areas of research and development sources, the relative light up the new fields of innovation in R & D and marketing on the more advantages. China plans to invest in innovation as a complete four new industrial chain, that is, except the new energy, new sources and new materials, together with the relevant technology and products through the integrated application of solar energy products, technologies and products aesthetic vision of innovation compared to up to better able to meet the Group's investment in the industrial chain requirements of technology and products, as well as help strengthen the "new light" areas of strength, foot LED is an important step in ergonomic investment.
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