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Chinese standards are still an infant, LED business first toddler
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LED limelight in 2010, Expo, Games everywhere shining light LED lighting, LED TV Hot in the supermarkets, Ten City, ten thousand projects have been extended to 21 cities, no doubt LED is now the electronics industry The most popular topic. Only 1 years, LED market size from $ 700,000,000 in 2009 jumped to 1.07 billion in 2010. Dream-like growth, attracting many companies to "Ten City, ten thousand," which set off the LED craze, in which quite a mixed bag, LED quality varies greatly. Wang Wenfeng: national standards different pros and cons for the LED industry Because LED lighting market has just started, the lack of a unified interface and specifications than the lack of compatibility between products, resulting in failure after the LED lighting maintenance difficulties, the LED popular form many obstacles on the road. Weide Wang Wenfeng International Trade Co., Ltd Product Manager, said, LED products is no uniform standard to produce the same specifications of the LED performance of different manufacturers, or some parameters are different. "Customers and our understanding of the product are often biased, due to the lack of specification of our customers have not created a sense of trust." Wenfeng to have met customer sample application, only a special emphasis on parameters such as power, to be submitted After the sample, but the product is found in other parameters such as flux, color temperature, color factor and so can not match the customer's products, leading to product selection errors. The face of end users of power, LED quantity, modular technologies such diverse needs, Blue Boke Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Product Manager Xu Qin pointed out that the diverse needs of the market for LED manufacturers to increase a lot in terms of specifications, and can not mass production, maintenance and inventory, is bound to extend the delivery period, or to drive down delivery of the product quality, these are standard problems caused by the lack of easy. No rules no to radius. LED as an emerging technology, self-luminous efficiency, heat, color temperature, brightness, illumination and other indicators is still not stable, once the lack of appropriate laws and regulations regulating the market would lead to disorder and confusion into the market, thereby preventing the healthy development of LED industry. Wang Wenfeng sigh, there is no uniform standard is difficult to standardize management of the market, there is no basis for quality assessment, LED related products on the market a wide range of LED lumens with a 5W is very different. The market is full of good and bad products or shoddy Zhicijiagao phenomenon after another. Wai Tak Korean agents are high-power LED Amotech of high-end products, product performance and stability is far superior to similar products, and the lack of standard products can not highlight the advantages, so that it should lose the competitiveness of products. Rules of the game introduction, LED market faces reshuffle And semiconductor industries are similar to late start of the deficiencies, the Chinese hold a lot of LED lighting industry, though the downstream products LED application market and the global 1 / 5 of the huge spending power of the population, but the LED technology still play the role of followers, and therefore limit the LED-related standards in China. Director of Professional Committee of the National LED Hao Zheng Wen pointed out sharply that the reason why China has experienced many of the "pilot project", "demonstration project", the up to now most of the projects are also part of small-scale pilot phase, the reason is that technology and the maturity of the market has not yet become clear, however, does not become clear to the market from technology uncertainty. The technical term uncertainty comes from the LED lighting and display the appropriate standards are not their own, without their own standards can not highlight the advantages and characteristics of LED products; also due to LED not have their own standards, when in government procurement difficult to have acceptance criteria. Fortunately, LED industry has recognized the importance of standards in recent years put a lot of effort to promote the products and even industry standards. 2009 to 2010 the state has promulgated a series of LED national standards and industry standard is expected to contain China's LED market melee situation, the LED manufacturers and consumers a ruler to measure the merits of the LED. December 15, 2009, by the National Standardization Technical Committee Lighting led six LED standards draft for review through the approval to become the national standard, plus two previously introduced a mandatory national standard, a total of eight, one after another in 2010 years into implementation. In addition, in January 2010 the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Working Group of semiconductor lighting technology standards issued the "power of semiconductor optoelectronic devices Blank detail specification for light-emitting diode" and 9 semiconductor lighting industry standards. In addition to the national and industry standards, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Shanxi and other local governments also launched a series of local standards to guide the development of LED industry. LED long-awaited business generally welcomed the national standards, national standards issued eight broken the bottleneck of China's LED industry, screening out the real strength of enterprise development, but also for those who fish in a small workshop eliminated . Xu Qin bluntly: "The promulgation of the standards, we are cautious, the market is chaotic, and some companies waiting to see, and some driven by the interests of the company just in the 'hot' state fishing one vote out of a new product on the market, will not take long, will have been born of imitation. " Obviously after the introduction of the standard, LED industry will face a major reshuffle, waiting for the non-compliant companies are doomed, whether retained by the manufacturers or vendors, the development of LED in the direction of even more clear, can be based on the standard market to judge, to produce products that meet customer needs. South Korean Deputy LED brand Amotech of international confidence in Wade, Wang Wenfeng that the standards will increase the cost of LED and technical strength of the corresponding requirements of a certain threshold of the industry is inevitable, the enterprise's survival of the fittest, and promote LED lighting industry standards quickly development, and guide the industry to orderly, a standard state. "The competitive enterprises, the standards are not barriers, but to provide a more advanced technology benchmarks." Neo-Neon Holdings Limited Manager Zhang Shilin, said LED has developed national standards equivalent to the market rules of the game, as the LED chip manufacturing, packaging, design, testing, certification provides production basis, breaking the LED technology black box, the judge, based on select products returned to consumers. Standards six months, the impact of declining I really bright in the China Electronics Fair booth, noted Neo-Neon's LED products, according to the U.S. Energy Star chromatograms displayed on, emphasizing the focus falls on overseas standards, while China has just issued a number of standards and not manufacturers to demonstrate be fully reflected. Standards applicable in the market determines the degree of authority and credibility of standards, although LED national standards, industry standards promulgated display relevant agencies continuously regulate the LED market, the determination of heavy, but the standards are visible in the past six months the reality of declining influence. Industrial Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Yi Bisen Regional Manager Liu Shaolin bluntly pointed out that China's LED industry standard-setting national standards and is still not perfect, the lack of LED life, color temperature, cooling and other key indicators, leading to the technical threshold set too low, thus losing the status of national standard baton. Zhang Shilin: national standards for the LED industry production basis, the judge returned to consumers choose products based on. "China in the past few years, from local to central authorities are numerous LED standard move, but has still not really into the track, can be replaced and the problem may be lack of circulation evident." Hao Zheng Wen further example, LED industry gathering of the South in accordance with local industry and the environmental characteristics of thinking the development of relevant standards, such as street lamps turn on the power only in the central south of the low ambient temperature. As the local industry, technology and market LED thought disorder, so that the standards introduced into geographical restrictions and therefore lack of liquidity. In addition, too much lack of directional replacement of lead standards, such as non-essential properties of the materials and restrictions. Hao Zheng Wen believes that the enterprise agencies and related industries do not have enough strategic thinking of the macro and mature before the forced development of the industry standards are in fact a problem, the possibility of failure also increases. Longer LED industry chain, from upstream to downstream of the conventional semiconductor die assembly, each link in fact related to the performance of the final product, so the work of standards needs to consider multiple levels. Hao Zheng Wen stressed that the standards should be thinking when the first objective and sustainability. To China Taiwan, for example, standards in the LED lights on earlier than other countries and regions, but when the standard is introduced only five companies in Taiwan by the so-called standards, and liquidity can be replaced by the blow. LED standard countries to seize the right to speak, LED test the competitiveness of enterprises National standards for the purpose of LED is not only regulate the market order, and to support outstanding domestic enterprises, and its deeper meaning behind it is to snatch the LED of international voice, to increase competition in the international market of chips. South Korea, the United States, Japan and other countries have thrown LED standards adopted by international organizations to lobby in an attempt to seize the high ground to the leading LED Standard LED industry. Back in 2009, Korea had launched the proposal, the intention of LED lamps and luminaires to IEC national standards to promote the national standard. LED will not sit idly by American Natural international standards changed hands the hands of others ahead of LED light fixtures released Energy Star standards, a clear specification of LED lighting products, trying through the United States CREE, bridgELux other LED turn affect the market leader for the upgrading of the international secretly paving standards. As of April 1, 2010, a total of 17 companies includes 19 brands and 300 product categories through the Energy Star A (Category A) temporary residential and non-residential use of LED lamps (Residential and non-residential luminaires) certification. In addition to the list of famous LED maker Cree, Philips, there have been a Chinese face - really bright and beautiful, with its Downlights (Recessed downlight) on December 4, 2009 to obtain LED Energy Star mark. It is not difficult to understand Neo-Neon Electronics Show in China, Energy Star high-profile publicity to doing it. American market in addition to Energy Star guard, the UL standard for solid-state light sources are also developed in the draft, due to the high cost of UL certification and authentication is complicated, really test the strength of the LED business for companies trying to enter the American market is not formed small challenge. Europe due to knocking the wishful thinking of their EU countries, resulting in the system and regulate the introduction of delay, the relevant market, barriers to entry in Europe relatively relaxed, CE in terms of technology for solid-state light source is still the light of amendments to the traditional light sources. Enclosure around the world with LED standards based card is bound to a certain technical barriers, foreign companies will be part of the LED block out. In Wang Wenfeng view, different national standards for the LED industry both advantages and disadvantages. "National standards are not unified, enterprise in the short term will bring a degree of confusion and chaos. The long term, relying on export enterprises may face challenges and barriers will be irregularities in the standard business exclusion, driven out of business faces process must be improved in the short term, so as to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. " Standard binding in doubt, LED key indicators of enterprises to enhance their own Throughout Japan and South Korea and other overseas markets in order to limit the LED standard import barriers protect domestic markets and thus effective, but the development process of China's LED industry is different from overseas, not blindly copy the overseas experience. High-end LED chip market has been, Career, Osram, Philips Lumileds, SemiLEDs, Japan Asia and other foreign chip makers monopolized by Nichia, Toyoda Gosei, Mitsubishi Chemical, holds a first class phosphor, optical materials, the Chinese enterprises is difficult there as the local market in the short term is difficult to overcome technical bottlenecks. Upstream in the LED industry, in a weak market in China is tantamount to the introduction of LED manufacturing standards to help establish the technical barriers of overseas manufacturers, the development of local industry has little significance. Hao Zheng Wen pointed out that some international companies have made in the semiconductor has a very mature process technology, the Chinese re-enacted the standard LED devices do not seem very significant; again try to enact some of the industrial technology and the market can not reflect the corresponding height standards, will push the industry to follow the plight of nothing. "China in the applications side of the standard-setting is an absolute necessity, and must be divorced from the original standards." He believes that the traditional source of light has been the standard for LED lighting is very fair, and should stand on a marketing point of view the advantages of LED lights such as: energy efficiency, lighting angle control, fast response time, long life, made to reflect the environmental advantages of ...; in the consumer point of view should be developed to understand the part in question, for example: heat, light decline, color temperature, illumination and other parts in question should be specified in the standard. Although in many key indicators, LED not establish clear standards, but some manufacturers have already let go into a lot of manpower, material, and consciously improve LED heat, light failure and other properties, LED technology has been first steps. LED applications, LED exposed the biggest problem is not as expected in the life of the ideal, which led to LED "short-lived," is rooted in LED driver. Zhang Shilin said, in fact, the life of LED is very long, but short-lived and driven LED lights reason is closely related to the damage. "It looks like the cost of the lamp power supply is not accounted for, but the power will determine the length of life of LED's life." To this end, Neo-Neon has set up a team of power supply design, and and LED drivers, passive component manufacturers to work together to find LED power management optimization. Compared to traditional lighting LED light source has a slim advantage, but also due to small chip area and planted the seeds of poor heat dissipation. Drive circuit causes damage to most of the heat from the LED temperature, evaporation of the electrolyte in the electrolytic capacitor, resulting in failure of the entire lighting system. Neo-Neon LED industry, relying on the advantages of vertical integration, starting from the package through the plastic frame, ceramic substrate, thermal separation of all-round improvement of heat. Will lead to poor heat dissipation LED temperature after-effects, while the LED luminous efficiency and inversely proportional to temperature, the temperature is the main cause of bad light LED. Shenzhen Electronic Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager of stable Hong Hai Liang said, good performance through the use of silver conductive adhesive help to improve the LED heat dissipation, thus reducing the LED light failure. Steady light electronic selection of imported silver plastic, although slightly higher than the domestic price of silver plastic, but the product of 50,000 hours of light decline can be controlled at about 32%, than the silver plastic made by nearly 10 percentage points. The improved packaging material by means of a passive way to help LED heat, with the LED industry, is also derived from the growth of new business opportunities - LED active cooling. China Taiwan Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. aimed at building standards introduced a series of LED cooling fan, broke through the bottleneck of slow cooling package. In theory, LED chip junction temperature should not exceed 80 degrees, but the actual temperature of the packaged LED environment often exceeded. Sunon Motor MR16 (7 ~ 15W) Down Light, E27 (15 ~ 25W) ball lights, 25 ~ 40W Downlight LED cooling modules can reduce the temperature of the lamp, and with over-temperature protection to prevent accidents caused by high temperature . According to the company's planning department assistant manager Xu Xueyi introduction, the company's products have been used for the Philips downlight, downlight successfully 31W the temperature dropped to 56 ℃. LED Market Since 2008, more than 20% maintained a growth rate of countries around the world are eyeing the glued piece of the pie, countries have also ruffled the standard barriers. China's national standards promulgated six months, still no match for the proliferation of low-cost chip. How to work out for the Chinese LED market, the real local LED company standards for food for thought. As Hao Zheng Wen said, from the point of view in order to develop more conducive to the sustainable development of LED industry, valuable industry standards in order to correctly guide the healthy development industry. Otherwise, try again to enact some of the industrial technology and the market can not reflect the high standards corresponding to it will, into the industry to follow the plight of nothing.
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