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Efficient 7.6V, 700mA keeps apart circuit of type LED driver
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Graph 7.6V of a be design of LNK606PG of use LinkSwitch-II parts of an apparatus 1 general input, 700mA constant voltage / the circuit plan that constant current dashs type power source instead, this power source applies to LED driver application.

LNK606PG(U1) controls power switch parts of an apparatus, oscillator, CC/CV engine and start and protective function is compositive within IC. Diode D1 undertakes rectification to AC input to D4. Capacitance C1 and C2 have filter wave to the AC of classics commutate. These capacitance and inductance L1 and L2 together, still can conduct EMI noise to undertake attenuation to needing a standard. Resistor R1 and R2 are OK the syntonic vibration that damp produces between these capacitance and inductance. The transformer E-sheild of afore-mentioned designs and PowerIntegrations? Technical photograph is united in wedlock, make this power source can measure class of relaxed contented EN55015B to conduct EMI requirement with be more than the abundant of 10dB, and need not Y capacitance. The surge electricity that when frit resistor RF1 is used at limitation to start, can produce, because input electric current,pass in component big and the effect that fuse has when malfunctioning.

This power source design uses the constant current character with compositive U1 to come drive LED is laden, the job can have with power of the biggest output below constant current mode. The constant voltage mode of ICU1 can produce open circuit in any LED output is offerred to press protection too when breakdown.

Documentation of detail PDF requesting an audience

Origin: PowerIntegrations company

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