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The application of indication screen of blue smooth intelligence LED in consumin
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Current, la Guang LED is in consume kind of product market very welcome, its are main it is OK that the reason depends on blue illume aggrandizement product exterior, give consumer the impression with contemporary high-tech.

Inside the facial expression that buy can allow a client 0.15 inches of 8 character to use them to love with 0.2 inches of blue smooth intelligence indication screen will design a product. Company of An Hua high-tech (AvagoTechnologies) takes the lead in rolling out blue smooth intelligence indication screen, can help client general they are compositive in application.

The function of blue smooth intelligence indication screen and characteristic

Blue smooth intelligence indication screen is used and the ASIC with same product of He Luguang of yellow light of AvagoHCMS-29XX intelligence indication screen, tangerine light, glow, and enclose dimension and the arrangement that cite a base also is mixed HCMS-29XX set is same, it uses the 5x7 of serial interface to nod matrix. These high-powered dots matrix display screen is passed inside hide at circuit board the CMOS chip drive that go up, every indication screen can be mixed directly microprocessor or small controller join, avoided the demand of additional interface parts of an apparatus. Use serial interface to be able to pass least jumper number to bring more indication that the word is counted, use general and legible 5x7 to show like element the format still can show size writes Roman letter, piece anonym and other the symbol that defines by proper motion of the person that use or character. These blue smooth indication screen can have fore-and-aft or transverse stack on the design, suit much character to count indication application very much.

Blue smooth intelligence indication screen has the characteristic that is close to quite with product of other Avago intelligence indication screen, there basically is the colour of high quality to behave in Yu Laguang LED respectively, and other the part that goes up for parameter is subtle difference, refer to a watch 1.

As identical as other intelligence indication screen, blue smooth intelligence indication screen also uses two independent power systems, among them as power supply of circuit of indication screen logic, another can offer monitor to use LED power source. Those who use system of two power source to be able to maintain logistic circuit power supply is pure, and can control the voltage of LED and logistic circuit independently respectively, LED voltage can change between 0V ~ 5.5V and won't control register.

To La Guang LED, voltage can change between 4.5V~5.5V and won't cause any apparent effects to smooth sendout, perhaps bring those who make a person vinegary to resemble element diversity. Basically, the voltage of LED cannot under 4.0V, the reason is La Guang LED is had use the suitable guide electrify with GaP technology taller colour to press than the tradition; Logistic voltage is OK change between 3V ~ 5.5V and won't show strength, issueing the job to will affect sequential and logistic n under 4.5V, if change under what bit of matrix register and control register content may cause when 3V.
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