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Is high-definition TV in a poor light should using Bai Guang LED still is RGB LE
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Bai Guang LED is commonly used will be power supply of a lot of batteries hand-held of portable product small-sized indication screen offers back smooth illumination. Nevertheless, this kind of illume application is already mature, future won't have year of very high compound increase rate 5 years. With respect to LED illume application character, year 3 when product of hand-held of outclass of compound increase rate bears smooth illume market the biggest markets are ordinal be: Illume of headlight of high-definition television, car mixes large slab indication screen general illume. Ask as consumer high-definition television has larger slab to show screen and higher resolution, already rapid to the demand of the television from plasma high-definition television changed LED to high-definition television. According to the data of DisplaySearch company, plasma is high-definition the sale height of the television will appear 2008, sales revenue is 24 billion dollar; And market of LCD high-definition television will reach 75 billion dollar 2008, rise 93 billion dollar to 2010. Apparent, LED television market has begun " prosperity " .

Paper color rendition from athletic model, current LCD high-definition television is put in the defect with various moves. Current high-definition television of this generation LCD is unavailable still true black, and the dynamic limits of all color is lesser. Common and high-definition television undertakes back smooth illume with CCFL canal, have the contrast of 450~650cd/m2 only. The main problem of these high-definition televisions is, CCFL back smooth illume cannot close completely or cannot have local attune light.

Contrary, use tall brightness LED to carry smooth illume on the back, LED array (with respect to 46 inches of indication screen character, can contain amount to 1, 600 LED) can be in be in a poor light " string " smooth or aspirant travel attune is local close, come true to be designed than CCFL thereby almost tower above the contrast of an amount class (> 4, 000cd/m2) . Additional, through adjusting the brightness that is in a poor light LED is strung together, can more demitint move emersion, make a picture vividder thereby. Another advantage is can from local and complete close LED, reduce athletic model to paper a problem thereby. Break LED through closing completely inside the time interval that two frame alternate, almost comb-out the obscure problem that fast mobile poses. When the problem of rapid movement faintness that solving this kind of CCFL to be in a poor light illume LCD television is faced with, the response with very fast LED speed is crucial.

The place of be in a dilemma of stylist

Cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) often is used offer back smooth illumination for large slab monitor, but their color atlas is finite, and color is not quite bright. RGBLED expanded actually visible light limits. Additional, systematic committee is inspected in American state report (in the color that NTSC) defines, CCFL can be shown only about 80% ; And the NTSC color atlas that RGBLED can show is amounted to 110% , can show picture well and truly thereby originally scene. Use 3 monochromatic light source, be like gules, green and blue (RGB) laser, the widest color atlas that can obtain a likelihood to come true.
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